8 Reasons Why Dollarama is the Best Place for Christmas Shopping

When it comes to saving money the struggle is real, especially during the holiday season. But Dollarama is here to save the day and your bank accounts.
8 Reasons Why Dollarama is the Best Place for Christmas Shopping

When it comes to saving money the struggle is real. Budgeting for normal things in life is hard, budgeting for Holiday expenses is even harder. But Dollarama is here to save the day and your bank accounts; a Christmas miracle if we’ve ever seen one. Great deals can be found on a number of seasonal items, not to mention everything in-store is under $4. And while you may not find every item on this list at your local Dollarama, you’re bound to find at least several of these awesome products..

1. Batteries are hella cheap

Isn’t it funny that most battery-powered products and electronics never actually seem to come with batteries? While Dollarama has got you covered – you won’t find batteries cheaper anywhere else.

2. There are endless seasonal Holiday items

Decorations and Holiday themed items like socks, mittens and scarves might not seem like they cost much, but over time they sure do add up. At Dollarama everything seasonal is $1-$2. Be as tacky as your heart desires this Christmas.

3. The Christmas cards aren’t outrageously priced

Is anyone else ever in shock over the price of a greeting card? For $8 it better sing to me and light up like a Christmas tree… just saying. Don’t waste your money on overpriced Hallmark products. Dollarama has plenty of cards for $1.

4. Brand name candy makes good stocking stuffers

Two words: stocking stuffers! Dollarama is basically famous for their assortment of brand name chocolate bars and chips. Over the Holiday season, they’ll also have a ton of other treats like candy canes and Christmas themed chocolates too.

5. There are seasonal craft supplies galore

Dollarama has your basic gifting needs covered with cheap wrapping paper, gift bags and bows, as well as a ton of other craft supplies like glitter, glue and streamers for homemade decorations. Not to mention they usually carry some seasonal crafts.

6. Licensed Disney items are a thing

Well, not all Dollarama’s will have the best selection most carry Walt Disney items which make perfect gifts for young siblings, cousins or relatives.

7. Dollarama does gift cards

Dollarama does gift cards for several different amounts! Give someone the gift of shopping at Dollarama this Holiday season and they’ll love you forever.

8. Baking supplies are all less than $4

One of the best parts of the Holiday season is all the delicious baking. Let your Christmas cheer loose and go wild with cookies and sweets this year. Dollarama has mixing bowls, utensils, cookie cutters and more. You may even be able to find some seasonal cookie cutters.

What do you think about Christmas shopping at Dollarama? Let us know in the comments.

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