10 Dragons’ Den Products Worth Buying Right Now

10 Dragons' Den Products Worth Buying Right Now

If you love to watch Dragons’ Den, then you know some of the products shown on the show, end up withering away to never be seen again and let’s face it, some products we see featured on the show leave us with a raised eyebrow at times. But, there are also products featured that end up being wildly successful, allowing for a brand to completely flourish! Sometimes, it’s not even the ones with an investment deal that end up becoming popular against the odds. Whether or not all of these inventions closed deals with one of the Dragons on Dragons’ Den or not, they became successful one way or another, and the exposure from Dragons’ Den alone might have helped these companies get that push they needed.

Keep reading to take a trip down memory lane, and see which 10 products featured on Dragons Den, that are actually worth buying! 


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Knix is an undergarment brand that was created by Joanna Griffiths, inspired by her finding out about the realities that women go through after childbirth, making her want to create beautiful, comfortable, and leak-proof underwear, (which can actually double as period undies)! Now, Knix has a line of undergarments designed to be comfortable and functional, for women. It carries bras that don’t have underwire, the support is built right in them! Knix has patented bonding technology so its undergarments are seamless and chafe-free. It doesn’t stop there, Knix even has a line of cute and cozy lounge-wear

The PUR Company

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The Toronto-based brand, The PUR Company started as a healthier alternative to regular gum. It’s naturally sweetened with 100% xylitol, which also makes it more friendly for diabetics. The gum is vegan and free of gluten, soy, and nuts. PUR gum and mints are designed to be a healthy alternative that can be suited for virtually anybody, with its use of safer ingredients. The company continues to expand even offering popcorn now!? So much yes! 

SAXX Underwear

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It’s hard to believe that SAXX left Dragon’s Den without a deal, because the men’s underwear brand has flourished since. This isn’t an ordinary men’s underwear brand, it’s different for one important reason you might not expect. The founder of SAXX wanted mens underwear to be better, and more comfortable which inspired the brands patented “BallPark Pouch”, designed to keep the “boys” in place without friction and chafing. The success of the mens underwear allowed for the brand to expand, now carrying bottoms and tops as well. 

The 7 Virtues

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We love a brand with good ethics! The 7 Virtues is a perfume brand that began its journey by sourcing legal orange blossom and rose essential oils from famers in Afghanistan, to help stop illegal poppy growth while helping their economy. The founder Barb Stegemann had a mission to empower girls and women in Afghanistan and liberate them against becoming young opium brides. Since then, the brand has expanded and now supports Haiti, Rwanda, The Middle East, India, and Madagascar. If the brands ethos and message wasn’t enough for you, the perfumes it offers should be!


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Thanks to FixMeStick, you no longer need to be extremely software savvy to get rid of pesky viruses that we’ve all experienced at some point. FixMeStick is a USB that you plug into your computer and it reboots your computer, detecting and removing the viruses other softwares can’t detect. Since the brands launch in 2011, it has come a very long way, and it now has an additional software called StartMeStick that’s designed to make any computer fast, secure, and private. 

Holy Crap

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Yep, that’s actually the name of this one. Holy Crap is a cereal brand that ended up being very successful after Dragon’s Den experience. The cereal is high fibre, gluten free, plant-based, non-GMO, and organic — that’s a lot of benefits for a cereal! Holy Crap’s slogan is “Happy Gut. Happy Mind.” and is said to be super tasty, too! 

Essentia Mattress

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Essentia Mattress is the world’s only natural memory foam mattress. Once its founder, Jack, was made aware of all the toxins in everyday life after experiencing a family member’s battle with cancer, he had trouble finding a good mattress that offered relief without adding harmful toxins into the bedroom. This inspired the creation of an all-natural mattress and now the brand is known to have the world’s healthiest mattresses.

Mistura Beauty 

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Mistura Beauty launched with it’s 6-in-1 product that was featured on Dragon’s Den! It’s a powder called the “6-in-1 Beauty Solution”. This product is one shade-fits-all as it self-adjusts to your skin tone and replaces the use for foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, lip, and eye colour. Since the original launch, Mistura Beauty has grown immensely with 27 products!   


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Sneakertub is the world’s first sneaker subscription service and started from being a $700 company and moved up from there. The subscription service is a monthly package that includes a surprise pair of sneakers and “sneaker swag.” Some of the brands you can expect to see in your box are Nike, Air Jordan, Puma, and more! You can customize your subscription by choosing one of the brands many subscription options. If you don’t love the element of surprise you don’t need to join the subscription service and you can simply opt to shop from its store

Big Dog Chains

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This one is for the doggo owners out there. The concept is right in the name and it all started as a chain collar for larger dogs, and evolved since then. These Big Dog Chains are designed to be fashionable as well as practical and the brand has an extensive inventory, of all shapes, colours, and sizes of collars including options for smaller dogs as well, plus now it also carries leashes! Obviously, these collars are designed to be a luxury, however they come with a lifetime warranty, so it truly is an investment and you and your pooch will look super cool while you’re out walking.

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