Drake Is Opening A New Concert Venue In Toronto This Year

Drake Is Opening A New Concert Venue In Toronto This Year

Drake is officially opening up a brand new concert venue in partnership with Live Nation Canada. After three years in the making, the venue will be called History and plans to open are slated for later this year. 

History will be located in The Beaches at1663 Queen Street East in Toronto and will hold around 2,500 people. 

Drake spoke about the launch in a press release, “Some of my most memorable shows were playing smaller rooms like History. I wanted to take those memories and what I learned to create an incredible experience for both the artists and the fans.”

Live Nation Canada announced that the facility will host about 200 events per year. plus there will be a general admission area and a reserved seating section as well.

Courtesy Live Nation Canada

“We saw an opportunity to bring Toronto a great new venue, and we have so much gratitude and respect for Drake teaming up with us to bring it to life in the best way possible,” said Live Nation Canada in a release.

Booked concerts and events, as well as job opportunities, will be announced shortly.

So, if you’re as excited as we are about returning to a live show, stay tuned for updates!

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