From 1 to 101 Carats: These Drool-Worthy Diamond Rings Will Inspire You to Get Engaged

Have you ever seen a 101 carat diamond ring? Your mind will be blown. Take a look at these drool-worthy diamond rings, plus a few from Van Cleef & Arpels.
From 1 to 101 Carats: These Drool-Worthy Diamond Rings Will Inspire You to Get Engaged

Hoping to get engaged in 2017? We share some drool-worthy diamond engagement rings of all sizes from 1 to 101 carats.

While De Beers runs a monopoly on diamonds, their ad campaign worked to become popular culture the world over. Their phrase, “A diamond is forever,” aligned true love with the durability of a diamond.

For the purposes of convenience, a diamond is no different than a rock found on the beach – its significance and value only supported by the minds of men and social constructs, yet in knowing the truth about diamonds we aspire to own and give them to our loved ones, myself included.

Investors in diamond mines created an arm to control production and perpetuate the illusion of scarcity of diamonds in 1888, this arm was called De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. As The Atlantic describes it:

“As De Beers took control of all aspects of the world diamond trade, it assumed many forms. In London, it operated under the innocuous name of the Diamond Trading Company. In Israel, it was known as “The Syndicate.” In Europe, it was called the “C.S.O.” (Central Selling Organization) which was an arm of the Diamond Trading Company… De Beers proved to be the most successful cartel arrangement in the annals of modern commerce. While other commodities, such as gold, silver, copper, rubber, and grains, fluctuated wildly in response to economic conditions, diamonds have continued, with few exceptions, to advance upward in price every year since the Depression.”

But even with all this information available, diamonds are still as desirable and pricey as ever. In the video below, Us Weekly shares what a diamond – from 1 to 101 carats – looks like.

And speaking of expensive jewelry, let’s talk about the soon-to-be-open-in-Toronto French jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels, who’s jewelry has been worn by Empress of Iran Farah Pahlavi, the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, and Elizabeth Taylor.

When in New York, a friend invited me to visit the French jeweler and accompany her on an engagement ring excursion. Given champagne and chocolates in a small brown box that read, “With compliments Van Cleef & Arpels” after being seated, the sales associate poured us each a flute of champagne from our own small personal champagne bottle, which trumps Hermes’ Perrier water. LOL.

From left to right: Her ring at 5.62 cts $820,000.00 US, my ring at $151,000.00 US (Image: Instagram/@AllanteVonCathe)

As I tried on the engagement ring my friend was initially eye-balling, I had an existential moment, this being that although I one day hope to ascend to the highest point in all of the land and am a luxury collector: Who needs an $820,000.00 US ring? A diamond ring which won’t do anything for you, as in, you can’t drive it, dress in it, or live in it.

The only purpose it serves is to be pretty, a social indicator of status, and the assumed love the groom has for you. Yet, I saw how quickly that cruel ring became me and began fantasizing about having it resized to fit my finger perfectly.

Everyone wants to shine.

Which of the drool-worthy diamond rings is your favourite?

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Featured Image: Instagram/@vancleefarpels