This Eaton Centre Commercial Is A Blast From The Past

Have you seen this hilarious Eaton Centre commercial from the ’80s? Back then, the mall was only 7-years-old. My oh my, have things changed! See for yourself

My oh my, have things changed!

Today, we know CF Toronto Eaton Centre as the ever-evolving downtown staple that attracts tourists and locals alike, but it wasn’t always as popular as it is today.

The mall first opened back in 1977. With the Eaton’s flagship as the anchor, it supplemented by 100 stores over a five-level shopping and office arcade, and two office towers.

Back then, the mall was aimed to attract upscale, urban, and affluent shoppers, much like the ones you’ll see in the vintage (and hilarious) 1984 Eaton Centre commercial below.

It’s actually a lot less creepy than this 1982 Yorkdale Mall commercial.

The mall has come a long way since the Eaton Centre commercial.

While there are still plenty of similarities between the commercial and now, the mall has come a long way in the past 32 years.

In 2010, Cadillac Fairview began an ambitious $120-million upgrade, and in 2015, they launched the second phase of redevelopment, which included an additional $400-million. Most recently, the pedestrian bridge underwent a major makeover.

Today the mall is home to many Canadian firsts like H&M Home and Uniqlo, plus major chain names like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.