10 Of Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Fashion Pieces For Earth Day

10 Of Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Fashion Pieces For Earth Day

We don’t need to hammer it into your head — you already know that the shopping choices we make have a big impact on the earth.

But the great thing is, we get to choose where we shop and what brands we support. And more and more brands are making sustainable shopping easier for us consumers.

Ethical shopping doesn’t mean sacrificing style, it means having full transparency on how much workers are being paid, where the products are coming from, and how eco-friendly the materials are. And it doesn’t have to be hard to find, either.

Below you’ll find a list of our favourite eco-friendly fashion pieces for Earth Day and the brands that are trying to change the world, one item at a time.

Kånken Rainbow

eco-friendly fashion

If you love the environment and Fjällräven’s iconic Kånken backpack, then you’re going to love the initiative associated with this special edition bag. The Kånken Rainbow is one of three backpacks part of the Swedish brand’s Arctic Fox Initiative, which helps to fund environmental projects around the world. Each project chosen to be supported has the earth’s best interests at heart, and any non-profit working towards protecting the environment or inspiring people to spend more time in nature can apply to have their projects funded.

Shop now: Fjällräven Kånken Rainbow Backpack, $100. Find a store.

Esplar Logo Sneakers

veja esplar sneakers

If you haven’t heard of Veja, this is a sneaker brand that you want to get on your radar! Founded in 2004, the brand offers full transparency when it comes to the production of each pair — from where they’re made to how much labourers are paid and beyond. Each sneaker is made with fair trade and organic raw materials, and they feature a classic design that’ll work with your entire wardrobe!

Shop now: Veja Esplar Sneakers via Shopbop, $140

Molto Two-Piece

eco-friendly fashion

The sustainable brand that’s always on our mind is Reformation. Seen on celebrities like Meghan Markle, Emily Ratajkowski, Emma Watson, and more, Reformation’s roster of garments are all made from sustainable materials, deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. The brand’s entire collection is worth a peek, but right now, our fave is the Molto Two-Piece.

Shop now: Reformation Molto Two-Piece, $218 USD

Dresden Glasses

eco-friendly fashion

The eyewear industry is an interesting one, but one eyewear brand is trying to disrupt it. Allow us to introduce you to the Australian brand Dresden. The sustainable and affordable eyewear brand offers stylish frames from recyclable nylon, plastics, and waste materials such as wood composite, recycled Australian money, and more. Shop the brand online or in Dresden’s two new Toronto stores: 733 Queen St. East and 599 College St.

Shop now: Dresden Glasses, starting at $49

Short Brocade Jacket 


In recent years, H&M has been making an effort to combat the effects fast fashion has on the environment. The company has increased its use of recycled and sustainably sourced materials across its offerings. This season’s Conscious collection features some interesting fabrics — take for example, the H&M Short Brocade Jacket, which is made Piñatex®, an alternative to leather made from pineapple leaf fibres!

Shop now: H&M Short Brocade Jacket, $249

Sallie Vegan Leather Backpack 


If leather’s a material you’re looking to eliminate from your wardrobe, there are plenty of other alternatives that offer the same look! This two-toned vegan leather backpack from the Canadian brand ESPE uses a faux leather material called polyurethane that’s more environmentally-friendly than PVC or vinyl, and PETA-approved.

Shop now: ESPE Sallie Vegan Leather Backpack via eBay, $86.90

Ulvö Hip Pack

eco-friendly fashion

As an outdoor company, Fjällräven knows that in order to enjoy nature, we’ve got to protect it. Sustainability in design, production, and materials is of the utmost importance — the company even creates its own materials to lessen its environmental footprint. Most recently, Fjällräven created Bergshell, a waterproof, ultra-durable material that is partially made from Global Recycled Standard recycled nylon and perfect for outdoor adventures. The Ulvö Hip Pack is just one of many offerings available in Bergshell and is the perfect size for short adventures or everyday wear.

Shop now: Fjällräven Ulvö Hip Pack, $60. Find a store.

TENCEL® Plaid Wrap Skort

Frank And Oak

Many don’t know, but Montreal-based Frank And Oak actually has its own line of sustainable items. One of our favourite pieces from the womenswear line is this Plaid Wrap Skort made from TENCEL® fibres that use wood from sustainable eucalyptus plantations.

Shop now: Frank And Oak TENCEL® Plaid Wrap Skort, $89.50

Wool Runners


Dubbed the world’s most comfortable shoes, Allbirds is another footwear brand that’s all about the earth. The brand’s footwear features materials like recycled bottles and cardboard, caster bean oil, and sugarcane. But in addition to the materials it uses, Allbirds aims to reduce its footprint in other areas like shipping and packaging, too.

Shop now: Allbirds Wool Runners, $135

Hudson Shorts

Outdoor Voices

Aside from being an athletic brand that all the cool girls are wearing, Outdoor Voices is great for Mother Earth, too. One particular fabric that’s earth-friendly is the recycled polyester which is crafted from recycled plastic bottles and is used for Outdoor Voices’ shorts like the pair above.

Shop now: Outdoor Voices Hudson Shorts, $55 USD

Featured image: Instagram/@allbirds

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