Everything You Didn’t Know About Cannabis Beauty

Cannabis has been praised for a number of benefits, but it’s only been recently that companies have started using the plant for its skincare benefits.
Everything You Didn't Know About Cannabis Beauty

The beauty industry is all about new, buzz-worthy ingredients, so the recent trend of cannabis-infused products is no surprise. Cannabis has been praised for a number of benefits, from easing anxiety to aiding in sleep, but it’s only been recently that companies have started using the plant for its skincare benefits.

Challenging the notion that cannabis belongs only in a bong, weed has been used for everything from pain management to improved sex life, however, it also has the potential to tackle common skin issues like dry skin and cold sores to psoriasis and eczema.

This is in part thanks to cannabinoids; a group of active chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant that stimulate balance in our bodies and help the body regenerate itself. These cannabinoids are antiviral and antibacterial and do not have psychoactive properties meaning they can work to address a number of skin issues sans the actual high. The most common cannabinoids found in beauty products include hemp seed oil, cannabis flower oil and CBD oil.


Hemp Seed Oil

This is the most common pot byproduct found in beauty products today due to its high content of antioxidants. Known for its omega three and six essential fatty acids, hemp seed oil has nourishing and hydrating properties that make it a go-to for hand creams, lip balms and hair conditioners.


Cannabis Flower Oil

Cannabis flower oil is obtained through steam distillation of the hemp plant’s flowers and upper leaves. The fragrant oil is often used in candles, scented soaps and, most recently, perfumes. Its scent is warm and earthy yet rugged, appealing to both men and women.



CBD oil is derived from hemp and seemingly provides all the benefits of marijuana without the euphoric feeling. Over recent years, CBD oil has been praised by celebrities such as Dakota Johnson, who uses it to get restful sleep while travelling, Mandy Moore, who uses it to relieve high heel foot pain on red carpets, and Olivia Wilde who treats her sore muscles with it.

The reason for all the rave reviews is because CBD oil is highly versatile. In oral form, it’s been shown to alleviate pain while in topical use – such as a serum or lotion- research has highlighted the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties.

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But will using cannabis-laced beauty products make you stoned? Not quite. While trace amounts of THC can be absorbed through the skin, cannabis-infused beauty products aren’t as concentrated and won’t result in the “high” you feel from smoking pot. Any THC in the product won’t enter the bloodstream, and will instead bind to the receptors in the skin to promote a similar healing response.

Now that you’ve got the scoop on the benefits of cannabis-infused beauty products, there’s nothing left to do except wait for Canada’s impending legalization of weed, which is sure to see even more hype around the weed-derivatives lighting up cosmetic aisles.

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