7 Fall Accessory Trends To Shop Right Now

7 Fall Accessory Trends To Shop Right Now

Accessories are often a last thought, but I think they should be considered an integral part of any wardrobe. After all, we’ve all seen how the wrong accessories can seriously break an outfit, right? During the summer, we tend to see lots of minimal accessories because when it’s so hot and humid outside, the last thing you want is a whole tangle of necklaces sticking to you. With fall here, it’s time to open yourself up to what’s new and fresh, and that starts with shopping the hottest fall accessory trends.

Keep reading for 7 fall accessory trends that you should be shopping right now!

Silk Scarves


It’s crazy how something so simple like tying a silk scarf in your hair, or around your neck, can upgrade a simple outfit. Put on your fave jeans and tee, throw in a leather jacket, and wrap a cute scarf around your neck, and you’re good to go. You can find gorgeous vintage options in secondhand stores, designer consignment shops, and even mall staple stores like Zara and H&M. I love the look of using a silk scarf as a ponytail holder — practical and adorable!

Chain Necklaces


Not only are chain necklaces incredibly versatile, but they’re great to add to an outfit that’s in need of that extra something something. Available in chunky or delicate versions, there’s truly something for everyone with this trend. What’s cool about chain jewellery is that it’s got that cool ’90s vibe when it’s supersized. To really feel your true ’90s fantasy, I suggest getting a voluminous and bouncy blowout and rocking square sunglasses.

Lucite Earrings


Love wearing earrings but hate how heavy they can get? Well you’re in luck because lucite earrings are back. This super cute and trendy material will give your lobes a much needed break as it’s super lightweight. Your options are truly endless when it comes to lucite because you can cop tinted versions in trendy pastel shades, tortoise print, or classic clear.

Chunky Gold Rings


If you know me, you know I love rings as I wear 8 everyday. Knowing this, you can probably imaging my excitement when I heard that chunky rings are back in style after what feels like an eternity of delicate rings being all the rage. While you have my full permission to wear any chunky rings you want, in particular, it’s gold that’s having a serious moment this time around.

Beige-Tinted Sunglasses


While a bright and colourful outfit is great, there’s something about rocking a beige monochromatic look that just looks so chic, especially in the fall. Don’t throw off your #ootd by wearing mis-matching sunglasses, grab a pair of beige-tinted sunnies that will work cohesively with your ensemble. While these sunglasses might not be the most practical on the sunniest of days, they will be perfect to wear on gloomier fall days when you’re looking to hide tired eyes or dark circles.

Square-Toed Shoes


Here’s a trend I thought would never find its way back. Believe it or not folks, but square-toed shoes are back and better yet, they’re surprisingly chic. All during Fashion Month, I’ve seen countless influencers, bloggers, and editors all wearing square-toed sandals, boots, and pumps, and to tell you the truth, I’m kind of digging it. My only suggestion is to make sure your outfit isn’t too crazy, as the shoes will only add to the madness. Keep your look simple and let your footwear do the talking.



One of the hottest trends right now is barrettes. This classic ’90s accessory is back but better than ever because todays barrettes are dripping in gems like pearls, rhinestones, and even beads. Even folks who don’t need their hair pulled back are adding barrettes into their accessory rotation and I don’t blame them — they’re super cute!