Farm Boy Is Officially Opening Another Location In Toronto

Farm Boy Is Officially Opening Another Location In Toronto

Farm Boy is still making moves around the city! The grocer is now expanding into another spot in Toronto. 

The new Farm Boy location will be opening at 81 St. Clair Avenue East and is set to operate by the Fall of this year. 

Although quite popular, if you’re unfamiliar with Farm Boy, it’s basically a Canadian version of Trader Joe’s, which is all the rage in the USA for those looking for organic produce and a salad bar. Plus, it has delicious (must-try) baked goods.

The Canadian chain actually reported back in 2019 that part of its growth strategy involved plans of expansion throughout southern Ontario, and they’ve definitely kept to that. 

You’ll find the news about the opening right on the Farm Boy site, in which there are already 44 stores across Ontario. 

We’re so excited to see where else Farm Boy pops up!

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