Topshop Is Coming Back To Canada & You Won’t Believe Where

Have you been missing Topshop lately? Well, we have some good news. According to Retail Insider, the British retailer is headed back into Canada. 

Last year, we saw Topshop exit from all Hudson’s Bay stores, after first opening in 2011.

Ever since then, if Canadians wanted to purchase trendy clothing from the brand, they had to do so through ASOS, which unfortunately has duties. 

Now, Topshop is re-entering, but with the help of another major retailer—Nordstrom.

All of Nordstrom’s stores in Canada will offer both Topshop and Topman fashion, as well as on

You’ll be able to browse the brand in-person and on starting April 1, plus you won’t have to pay any extra shipping duties anymore!

Retail Insider also states that allegedly Hudson’s Bay and ASOS were unable to come to an agreement to continue carrying Topshop in Canada, so ASOS turned to Nordstrom. Since losing this, Hudson’s Bay partnered with YM Inc. to have Forever 21 as part of their offering. 

It’ll definitely be interesting to see how well the brand does in another department store that competes with its former home, Hudson’s Bay.

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