You Can Now Fly to Iceland for $120 from Toronto and Montreal

You Can Now Fly to Iceland for $120 from Toronto and Montreal

If you live in Toronto or Montreal and have been dying to travel to Iceland, this is going to make you hella excited. Thanks to a little promotion by ultra-low cost carrier, WOW air, you can now fly to Iceland for only $120. We repeat ONLY $120!!!

The promotion is being offered to celebrate Canada’s 150th and can be booked between the months of September to November of this year.

Those looking to travel in the earlier months – June to August – will have to pay slightly more with flights priced at $159.99. Take it, or leave it but we think coughing up $30 extra isn’t hard to do. You might even be able to source half of that with spare change lying around your apartment.

During the same fall time period, they’ll also be offering flights to Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin and Frankfurt for $219.99. What’s super enticing about the European deal is that it includes a WOW stopover in Iceland for an unlimited amount of time, after which passengers will head off to their European destinations.

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Who is planning on snatching up this amazing deal?

Featured image: Pixabay