Frank And Oak Celebrates Diversity With Their New Unisex Collection

Frank And Oak Celebrates Diversity With Their New Unisex Collection
One of our favorite Canadian brands, Frank And Oak, just introduced a new capsule clothing collection called And, to commemorate the variety and uniqueness of all of us as human beings. It is only apt that a Canadian brand would stress Canada’s wonderful diversity and celebrate our differences. The focus of their new line is on inclusivity and features three unisex pieces, manufactured and designed in Canada.
Frank And Oak is a proudly Canadian company whose co-founders, Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani, are first- and second-generation immigrants. They have always been strong supporters of honoring diversity and inclusion, and recent media articles have only strengthened their resolve. With their new line, they hope to inspire people to work towards inclusion and to appreciate all the differences in our world. The birth of And shares the brand’s message and opens the discussion to embrace what sets us apart.

To introduce the And collection, the brand created a short film that includes a poem by Toronto-based rapper Cadence Weapon.

All fabrics in the collection are produced by a Montreal-based organization, Petites-Mains, which supports immigrant women in need. The brand also partners with Equitas, the international centre for human rights education, with each sale contributing $5 to the foundation and its initiatives. We’re so proud to be represented by such an inspirational brand made in Canada.

The collection is available for purchase at, and in ten specially selected boutiques across Canada. It consists of an And-printed white t-shirt ($39.50 CAD), as well as an And-embroidered fleece sweater in black or grey ($79.50 CAD).

What do you think about Frank And Oak’s new initiative?

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