Get A Fresh Manicure At These Toronto Nail Salons

Get A Fresh Manicure At These Toronto Nail Salons

Nothing feels better than having freshly manicured nails. Whether you prefer a simple manicure to keep your nails clean and tidy, nail art that makes you smile every time you look at your hands, or love the look of added length allowing you to tap your nails on every surface you get the chance to, thereโ€™s a Toronto nail salon for you. Finding a nail salon that gets it just right can involve a bit of trial and error, so weโ€™ve done the work for you.

Get your next manicure at one of these Toronto nail salons!


When you invest money in your nails, you don’t only want them to look good, but you probably want to have a good overall experience. Enter, ONYX, a sophisticated salon that gets every detail right. From the chic and sophisticated atmosphere of the salon itself to its talented nail techs, ONYX is definitely a nail salon worth visiting!

Sixth Sense Spa & Nail Lounge

Sixth Sense Spa & Nail Lounge provides a resort-style salon experience with a few locations in the GTA including one right on King West! If you prefer your nails to be show-stopping, pay this salon a visit. Check out its Instagram page to see the amazing work they do.

Majesty’s Pleasure

Majesty’s Pleasure has become a Toronto hot spot nail salon since it opened. Probably because they make their clients feel like royalty while they get pampered! Enjoy a cocktail or two while getting a fresh mani with some nail art at Majesty’s Pleasure.

Pink Nail Bar

We love a nail salon where you can let loose and enjoy a cocktail while getting pampered! Pink Nail Bar not only has an extensive salon service menu, but they also have quite a drink menu, too. Not to mention, you’re sure to leave with stunning nails.

Tips Nail Bar

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard of Tips Nail Bar, and if it is, you’re welcome. Tips Nail Bar has a cult following thanks to their impressive nail art. Even on natural nails with no extensions, your nails will be transformed by the time you walk out of this nail salon.

Kuko House

Make yourself at home while you upgrade your nails at Kuko House. It’s all about self-love at this salon. It has a chill and cozy atmosphere where you can relax while getting your nails done. After all, getting a manicure shouldn’t feel like a chore! Whether you like your nails natural or more on the artistic side, Kuko House has you covered.

Natural Nail Bar

Don’t be fooled by the name of this salon, as its portfolio of nails is anything but natural (in the best way possible)! If you want an extravagant set of nails, book an appointment at Natural Nail Bar. We can’t get over their 3D nail art!

Organic Nail Bar

Organic Nail Bar has a total of 5 locations in Downtown Toronto! One of the best parts about this nail salon? (Other than the pretty nails, of course), is that it’s pet friendly! We don’t know about you, but having a puppy sitting next to us while getting our nails done sounds pretty amazing. Its Instagram is always up to date sharing the salon’s latest work, so take a peak and see if you spot some inspo for your next mani!

From M Tokyo

The castle-like luxury atmosphere at From M Tokyo can’t be beat! The salon is decked out with fancy decor that will make you feel like you’re anywhere but a nail salon. โ€‹It’s owned and operated by skilled and experienced technicians from Tokyo, Japan, delivering top-quality service, comfort, and privacy – fundamentals of the status quo found in Japan.

Sarang Nails

Head over to Koreatown for a fresh mani with any nail art you could imagine at Sarang Nails! Whether you want to embrace your natural nails or add some length, this nail salon has an extensive menu (with fair prices) to choose from!

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