It’s Going to be Hella Easy to Get to Muskoka This August Thanks to GO Transit

Metrolinx and Ontario Northland are teaming up on a pilot project that’s going to make it way easier to get as far north as Huntsville and North Bay.

If escaping to cottage country for a much needed weekend of relaxation sounds like sanctuary, get excited! Metrolinx and Ontario Northland are teaming up on a pilot project that’s going to make it way easier to get TF out of the sweatiness of the city, and as far north as Huntsville and North Bay.

While a weekend getaway is hella nice, MOST people have the same idea, so you’re R&R doesn’t come without a price: sitting bumper to bumper on Highway 400 until all your cottage zen has gone out the window. Well… now thanks to the Metrolinx/Ontario Northland pilot project that began on August 3rd, and runs until September 3rd, you can make your way to the cottage without all the fuss.

Riders can start by hopping on the country-bound GO Train from Toronto’s Union Station that departs every Friday at 5:35. The train’s last stop is Allandale Waterfront GO Station, where cottagers can then have the option to jump on a shuttle route that reaches the Muskokas and beyond, aka the Northland Bus. Overall, including the GO Train and North Bus, the route has 14 stops, hitting up Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Huntsville, and finally North Bay at 10:00 pm.

For convenience, the route is the exact same on the way back, leaving North Bay at 4:00 pm every Sunday for an arrival time of 10:03 pm at Union Station. You can also count on the same bliss of not having to worry about traffic or driving, as you experienced on the way up. Just sit back and relax some more.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that the route’s schedule accommodates Holiday weekends as well, meaning the regular Sunday service is shifted to return Monday at the same time. More cottage time for you, woohoo!

Another and final last tidbit you should know is that passengers only need to pay a single fare for the trip which is valid on both the GO Train and Northland transportation service. If you’re literally ready to purchase your ticket for your next cottage weekend rendezvous, head to the Ontario Northland website to get it now.

Ontario Northland’s CEO states on the website, “This service is ideal for those commuting to cottage country. We are lining up our services in an effort to create a seamless, convenient connection for our passengers.”

Thanks, CEO of Ontario Northland! If the pilot goes well, you can expect the same service/route to be available all summer long next year.

Check out the full schedule here:

Image via Ontario Northland

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Featured image: Instagram/ @railfanmatt4