8 Ghost Tours In And Near Toronto

8 Ghost Tours In And Near Toronto

Toronto has all kinds of history, including the darker kind. So naturally, it has its fair share of haunted locations and ghost stories to be told, too. And what better time to go on a haunted ghost tour than pre-Halloween? Spooky lovers, you’re in luck. There are a ton of guided ghost walks and tours in and around Toronto for you to explore before Halloween that are sure to get you in the ‘holiday’ spirit.

Get spooked at these 8 ghost tours

Spirits of the Distillery District Ghost Tour

You may know and love Toronto’s Distillery District for its shopping and food, but did you know it has a morbid past? In this ghost tour, you’ll be led by a costumed guide to explore the district by lantern light and learn about the haunted locations within the Distillery District and the supernatural occurrences said to have happened there.

Toronto’s Haunted Harbour

If you enjoy ghost stories and boat tours, this is the ghost walk, or should we say sail, for you! During this immersive 90-minute experience, you’ll go on a nautical adventure in Toronto’s Haunted Harbour, set foot on a haunted island, and take an up-close look at Toronto’s mysterious Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. All while hearing about chilling tales of ghost ships, shipwrecks, and monsters lurking below the surface. 

Campus Secrets and Spectres – University of Toronto Ghost Tour

Get educated on the spooky secrets of the University of Toronto during a 75-minute ghost tour. As you explore the grounds, you’ll learn everything from tragic love stories gone horribly wrong to stories of restless spirits haunting the school.

Ghosts of the Village at Black Creek

Black Creek Pioneer Village has real-life ghost stories waiting to be told on a 75-minute tour after the sun goes down. During the ghost tour, you’ll follow your guide’s lantern around the spooky village and learn about the Woman in Yellow, haunted happenings, and more!

Niagara on the Lake

If you’re willing to go on a little drive out of the city, Niagara on the Lake has a ghost tour worth visiting. It is known as Canada’s most haunted town, after all. The tour features stories of memorable haunts and dark histories in the biggest battlefield of the War of 1812. 

Hermitage Ruins

About an hour away from Toronto is The Hermitage Ruins, located in Ancaster. Known for its haunted past, ghost hunters and lovers of all things spooky are known to visit this spot. The Hermitage Ruins ghost walk begins at the rarely opened Gatehouse, abandoning light for a dark exploration through the haunted woods.

Original Haunted Walk of Toronto

Experience a whole new side of Toronto during the Original Haunted Walk of Toronto. You’ll get to explore some of the creepiest places in the city while learning the spooky stories of crime, mystery, and the supernatural behind familiar Toronto spots. 

Haunted Walk at Beechwood Cemetery National Historic Site

Cemeteries already give creepy vibes, even if there aren’t scary stories involved. But at Beechwood Cemetery, there is no shortage of stories to be told. From the dark history of the cemetery to ghost stories of those who rest there, at this haunted walk, you’re sure to get spooked.

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