Give Up These 8 Things if you Want to Save Cash Immediately

It’s the little expenses in life that can quickly add up and wreak havoc on your wallet. Give up these 8 things to save cash immediately!
Give Up These 8 Things if you Want to Save Cash Immediately

It’s the little expenses in life that can quickly add up and wreak havoc on your wallet. An iced latte here… a parking ticket there… these are the types of costs that have the ability to push you into debt without you even realizing it. Does this spending spiral sound familiar based on your spending habits? StyleDemocracy is here with advice to help you cut down on frivolous everyday expenses. Give up these 8 things to save cash immediately!  

Morning Coffee

We know that your morning requires the fuel of coffee, but like a car, fuel costs money! The expense of a morning (and possibly afternoon,) coffee at the local café can really add up over a workweek. To save some cash, make your morning brew at home and only purchase an afternoon Cup of Joe (if necessary). Not realistic? At least bring your own travel mug – most coffee shops will give you a discount on your beverage if you bring your own.

Salon Manicures

Nothing saves you money like a little DIY! Ditch the bi-weekly (or sometimes weekly,) pricey salon manicure to save money now. Nail polishes can be purchased for as little as $1.99 at drugstores. That single bottle of a signature colour can really go a long way. Manage the burden of painting your dominant hand (yes, this is an actual struggle,) by tag teaming your manicure with a friend and painting each other’s nails.

Netflix Subscription

Yes, this sounds a bit drastic but by canceling your Netflix subscription, you can put a minimum of $8 back in your wallet each month. Still not convinced? Cut the cost of your Netflix subscription in half (or a quarter,) by sharing monthly payments with up to 4 friends.


The cost of gas and parking nowadays is ridiculous! On top of these driving-related expenses, don’t forget the cost of insurance and any parking tickets you might incur. Save cash now by taking one of countless (and more affordable,) alternative transportation methods like walking, public transit or carpooling.  

Magazine Subscriptions

Help your wallet and the environment by canceling any costly print magazine and newspaper subscriptions today. If you need to know something, there’s always Google to pull up the latest news and entertainment gossip. If you can’t imagine living without easy access to your favourite magazines, try a Texture subscription for thousands of magazines on the go.

Subscription Box Services

We are suckers for a beautifully curated box of goodies delivered to our door each month. However, let’s be for real… subscription box services are a luxury! Once you take into consideration the cost of shipping and the fact that you may not even need/love all of the items contained within these subscription boxes, you’re seriously losing money. Save your cash by picking up items on sale at the drugstore instead of hoping that they’ll be inside your next monthly subscription box.

Gym Memberships

Spring is right around the corner and before you know it, you’ll be able to partake in plenty of outdoor activities to keep you physically fit in lieu of going to the gym. Therefore, save cash by canceling (or putting a temporary hold on,) your gym membership and workout for free outdoors. Still too chilly for you? Workout at a friend’s condo gym, follow along with fitness videos on YouTube in your living room or check out this website for some of the best free fitness classes around the city.   


This one’s a no-brainer. Whether it’s a pack a day or a pack a week, quit that smoking habit ASAP to save cash now. Isn’t it time to take another stab at that new year’s resolution? It will have a positive impact on both your wallet and health.

What can you give up right now to save cash immediately?

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