Great News For Apple Lovers: Prices Will Be Slashed On New iPhones Up to $300

Great News For Apple Lovers: Prices Will Be Slashed On New iPhones Up to $300

In a sudden turnaround, Apple will slash prices on its new iPhones up to $300. This major scoop was announced by Ming-Chi Kuo, the world’s most famous Apple Insider. Kuo states the prices for the second gen iPhone X, enlarged iPhone X Plus, and the “budget” iPhone X will cost as low as $800, $900, and $600 respectively. In comparison, last year the first-generation iPhone X started at $1,000. With Apple bundling $100 extra for all its new iPhones, savings total over $300, including tax.

Even though Kuo warns that prices could be $100 higher, Apple users should be pleased with the downward cost trend, especially with the more conservative estimates made in April.

Why exactly is April cutting their prices? Kuo gives three reasons why Apple can be aggressive with their price policy: with the smartphone market maturing, higher prices are a concern, especially since the iPhone X didn’t sell as well as expected; Apple improved their cost structure, so it can better afford the cuts and still have profits; Face ID is essential to promote Apple (their three new iPhone will have it), and Apple’s rivals are way behind in this technology. Kuo notes that Apple’s new prices could spark a sales supercycle one year late.

With Apple’s cost of iPhones spiralling in recent years, this change of policy is long overdue.

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