8 Under $300 Things You Can Buy From Gucci

Love all things designer but don’t have the budget to match? Your best bet is to either score your designer duds at consignment and secondhand stores, or scope out the lower-priced items that your fave designer has available to buy. Regardless of what designer you’re coveting, there are bargains if you do some real digging — a quick search online or through the sale racks might have you jumping for designer joy!

Here are 8 items under $300 that you can buy from Gucci!

Gucci Logo Socks, $217

gucci for under 300

Spice up your #OOTD and rock a pair of vintage-inspired socks. Better yet, make them Gucci socks. These babies are super cute and will look fab with a denim skirt so you’d better wear them before the weather turns chilly. At $217, these socks will likely be the priciest ones in your drawer, but how can you say no to pink sparkly Gucci socks? We certainly can’t.

Gucci Goldy Floral & Star Print Silk Skinny Scarf, $273

gucci for under 300

Another great way to spice up a white tee and jeans is to throw on a fun scarf. This skinny scarf is great because it won’t awkwardly unfold or bunch up like larger scarves can. In such a cute, flowery pattern, we suggest wearing it for fall because why the heck not, and then bring it back into rotation again when spring hits!

Gucci Suede Platform Pumps, $139

gucci for under 300
The Real Real

Gucci heels for under $300? Yes, you read that right. Although these suede babies aren’t directly from the Gucci store, shopping secondhand or consignment is seriously a smarter way to go sometimes. While you’ll miss out on the luxury experience, you can certainly revel in knowing that you’re not only shopping sustainably but saving a bit of money, too!

Linea GG Supreme Canvas Card Case, $280

gucci for under 300

If you’re struggling with carrying a heavy wallet around, might we suggest switching to a card case? Slide all your necessary cards in, and you’re good to go. Not only will these ease up on the weight of your purse, but you’ll be feeling all the minimalistic vibes as well. This card case from Gucci is a great mid-priced option and will have you feeling your designer fantasy!

Gucci Hasler Leather Wallet, $267

gucci for under 300
The Real Real

Featuring the classic Gucci horse-bit is this wallet that we feel could honestly double as a clutch purse in a snap. From the chic gold colour, dual interior compartments, and gold hardware, this wallet is a rare Gucci find in our opinion.

Gucci G-Class Watch, $214

gucci for under 300

Designer timepieces can get awfully pricey, but if you know what you’re looking for and where to shop, it doesn’t have to be. This G-Class Watch is a unique find, and if kept in great shape, will climb in value as the years go on. The link bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and will look so chic on your wrist!

Gucci 54mm Oversized Square Sunglasses, $179

gucci for under 300
Nordstrom Rack

With all the fanfare happening around the recent Rocketman film, we can’t get Elton John out of our heads. So, when we saw these Gucci sunglasses on for a major deal, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Oversized and bright in colour, we think that these sunnies don’t have to look over the top if you don’t want them to. Our suggestion is to keep the rest of your ensemble minimal and chic, then you’ll let the sunglasses take centre stage!

Gucci Cat Porcelain Incense Holder, $257

gucci for under 300

If you’re more into home and housewares, you’re in luck because the Gucci Home collection is literally a home decor addicts dream come true. Say goodbye to that worn out incense holder you have and say hello to this ultra-chic Gucci version.

Featured Image: Instagram/@the_lab_of_central_park

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