Help Combat Seasonal Blues With These 10 Tips

Help Combat Seasonal Blues With These 10 Tips

As the days grow colder and the sun shines less, it can really take a toll on our mental health! Seasonal depression is a real thing. During the fall and winter, you may start to feel something referred to as “seasonal blues”. Which can mean a lack of energy, feeling low and uninspired, or even depressed. We aren’t mental health professionals by any means, so please always consult a doctor and/or mental health professional if you are feeling depressed. That being said, if you’ve been feeling a little blue lately, there are some things you can try to bring some much-needed light back into your days during the colder months. 

Help combat seasonal blues with these 10 tips:

Light Therapy

Light therapy is said to do wonders for your mood, especially in the colder months! Essentially, it’s a light designed to mimic sunlight, kind of tricking your brain into thinking you’re getting more natural sunlight. You simply turn on a light therapy lamp, usually in the morning, and bask in it for around 30 minutes. There are a ton of different light options ranging in price. This one from Amazon has a lot of great reviews. 

Get Outside

As simple as it sounds, getting outside for some fresh air or, better yet, a walk can really help boost your mood. No matter how gross it feels outside, challenge yourself to get some fresh air on the daily. Especially if you work from home! 

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s easier said than done, but having a healthy sleep pattern is life-changing when it comes to your overall mood. Who has the energy to feel excited about the day when you’re tired and groggy? Get in the habit of going to bed at a decent time for your lifestyle, and even if you don’t fall asleep, your body will hopefully get used to winding down at that time. Then set an alarm, as oversleeping isn’t great either (uhg, we know). 

Keep Your Home Clean & Tidy

If you aren’t a fan of the colder months, going outside won’t be so enjoyable for the next while. So, keeping your home a happy and safe space that you can thrive in is essential. That could mean anything from simply doing your best to stay on top of chores or even redecorating.


As we mentioned before, talking with a mental health professional is so important if you’re going through any level of depression. We know therapy can be a luxury, but check out the different resources in your area or online, so you know all of your options. Anyone and everyone can benefit from therapy!

Stay Social

Whatever you do, try not to hermit yourself. Never underestimate the power of hanging out with friends or family. Simply talking, even about nothing, can be so beneficial for both you and your loved ones. Go out for dinner, talk on the phone, go on a walk, whatever you need to do to remain social this time of year, do it. 

Go To The Gym / Sign Up For A Workout Class

We know you’re probably tired of hearing it, but staying active is crucial for mental health wellness. Get out to your local gym, sign up for a workout class, or even follow a YouTube exercise video – ensuring you’re staying active on a regular occasion. Exercise releases endorphins (AKA makes you feel good). Even though finding the motivation to workout can be tough, it’s very worth it. 

Get Inspired

Inspiration can be hard to come by when feeling blue. So, searching for things that inspire you to help give you that extra boost of motivation can be so helpful! Follow accounts on social media that bring you joy or make you feel inspired, read a book or an article (hi there), or even watch your favourite uplifting movie. The options are endless. 


Meditating still seems to be overlooked, but people swear by it! It can’t hurt to try a few guided meditations to see how it makes you feel. You can even look up meditations focusing on particular goals. For example guided meditations for inspiration, anxiety, depression, and more. 

Pamper Yourself

Last but not least, tell your body it deserves to feel good with some self-care pampering! Have a bath with a candle lit, indulge in a face and/or hair mask, and get a massage. Whatever it is that you do to pamper yourself, make an effort to do it on a regular basis.

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