H&M is Changing Its Sizing Scheme to More Accurately Represent REAL Sizes

While I usually fit into a size 4-6, I’ve literally been a size 10 at the fast fashion retailer, and I’m definitely not alone in this phenomenon.

We’re all privy to what I like to call the H&M effect, or more precisely put: inaccurate sizes that are enough to make anyone sob as they leave the change room. While I usually fit into a size 4-6, I’ve literally been a size 10 at the fast fashion retailer, and I’m definitely not alone in this phenomenon. The good news is, that’s about to all change; H&M is FINALLY adjusting its sizes to better reflect North American standards.

A recent Racked article states that “the move represents a colossal change for the Swedish retailer” as they shift its ladies sizes to be more inclusive. You may have already noticed new hang tags that read “You’ve asked, we’ve listened! We’re changing our sizing. Try on this item to find your size.” And if the new hang tags aren’t an obvious indication of some major change, H&M has actually been quietly shifting it’s sizing schemes since 2017.

The XS – XXL scale was bumped up by one standard deviation meaning if you wore a size medium, you are now a Small. Meanwhile in their teen department, Divided, the retailer has added an XXS which now reflects what used to be an XS. Bra sizes are also seeing a change too; band sizes are being shifted by one deviation as well.

And H&M isn’t finished yet… the welcomed change is set to start appearing within numbered sizes too. Similar to the first sizing changes a size 12 is now a size 10, a size 10 is now a size 8, and so on. You’ve likely already come to the conclusion that all this means shoppers won’t have to grit their teeth as they size up. While H&M has never had the best reputation with the fit, it’s impossible to not have a huge sigh of relief. True to size clothing at H&M? Hallelujah.

Now they just really need to fix the fit of their jeans categorized by waist measurement, which sadly has remained the same. Someone once said you can have too much of a good thing, but in this instant, I don’t think that’s the case – fingers crossed that they update their denim as an H&M spokesperson said the response is due to years of customer feedback. While here’s some more feedback for you: you’re jean sizes suck.

Anyways, the spokesperson continued to say “It is important for us to always listen to our customers, take their feedback and act in order to provide the best experience possible… We knew from feedback that our sizing needed to be more in line with the North American consumer as well as be in line with the industry standard in the market.” So, while some improvements could still be made at least they’re trying!

Apparently, 2019 also has the potential for even more expansive size offerings and possibly even new size categories, states Racked. So, the next time you’re shopping at H&M, make sure to try it on, because the size you usually would take might not fit. Here’s to getting one step closer to actually representing the North American woman.

Source: Racked.com

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Featured image: Instagram/ @hm