7 Toronto Hudson’s Bay Stores Ranked From Best To Worst

Read on below to see 7 Hudson’s Bay stores ranked from best to worst, and see which locations are worth your time!
7 Toronto Hudson's Bay Stores Ranked From Best To Worst

In terms of department stores, Hudson’s Bay reigns supreme in Toronto, having several locations within the GTA alone. Obviously, some locations are more popular than others due to demand, products, and size — even location play a big role in determining how good an actual Hudson’s Bay store is. What might be surprising though, are some of the Google ratings; how we determined the best from worst. For example, Yorkdale, actually isn’t the most popular location, and the worst Hudson Bay store had us shocked!

Read on below to see 7 Hudson’s Bay stores ranked from best to worst, and see which locations are worth your time!

CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Google Rating: 4.2

hudson's bay

While the Toronto Eaton Centre’s central location may be why this particular location has so many reviews, out of those, it still produced the highest rating. Other factors that make the downtown locale a good experience are the seasonal window displays, excellent customer service, and ability to keep the store well stocked. I guess being the legendary flagship location, does still carry a lot of weight.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Google Rating: 4.1

hudson's bay

Hudson’s Bay at Yorkdale Shopping Centre followed closely behind with a rating of 4.1 stars, but had over 1,000 less reviews than the Eaton Centre. Perhaps competing with so much luxury is hurting its performance, but the location is still incredibly popular. There seemed to be a mild consensus that stock is good, however the store is massive and sales staff can be hard to find. Definitely, don’t go to this location if you’re in a hurry – you’ll need a good chunk of time.

Bloor Street

Google Rating: 4.0

hudson's bay
Google Maps/Richard Summerfeldt

Once again, you may find yourself surprised that the Bloor Street location ranks third in the list. Let’s not forget that this is another more historic spot that packs a bit of clout. With a rating of 4.0 and almost 2,000 reviews, it’s apparently still quite a popular stop along the Mink Mile. Highlights at this location include friendly sales staff, and LOTS of discount and sale racks. A lot of people were in agreement that this location still has the best value.

Square One

Google Rating: 3.9

hudson's bay

While Square One and Scarborough Town Centre are tied, we’re ranking the Mississauga outpost higher. It may have fewer reviews, but is way bigger than Scarborough Town Centre and has better product. The main complaints for this location were some slack in customer service, as well as being disorganized, but you’ll likely still come out with better purchases. At the end of the day, even if the experience sucked, we’d rather have a purchase were uber happy about.

Scarborough Town Centre

Google Rating: 3.9

hudson's bay

The Hudson’s Bay at Scarborough Town Centre may be one of the smaller locations, although shoppers claim it’s one of the cleanest and most organized. Apparently, it’s well stocked, but being more remote, paired with smaller square footage, means there isn’t the same quality of stock, or as extensive of an offering. A lot of reviews also complained of poor customer service despite the compact layout.

Fairview Mall

Google Rating: 3.8

hudson's bay

Fairview Mall is one of the more troubled Bay locations. Not only do staff have to be “chased down”, but reviewers find the staff, they say they’re unhelpful. However, the biggest problem with this locations seems to be the online order pickup service. Multiple reviews rant that half their orders were cancelled, and if you need help with your online order, the store phone is rarely answered. While some people seem happy with the product selection, don’t bother going here unless you live in the area.

Sherway Gardens

Google Rating: 3.8

hudson's bay

This may come as a shock, but according to Google Ratings and reviews, The Hudson’s Bay at Sherway Gardens ranks the worst. One reviewer hilariously wrote, “If you want to see the death of high end retail come here.” Okay, while not all reviews were as harsh, or even as bad for that matter, Sherway does host the largest amount of unhappy shoppers. Stock is said to not be great, and customer service could use more than a bit of polishing.

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