Here’s How Hudson’s Bay Will Support Local Businesses During The Pandemic

Here's How Hudson's Bay Will Support Local Businesses During The Pandemic
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Hudson’s Bay is in the works of creating a marketplace to support local businesses while increasing the amount of product offered at the

Last year it was announced that HBC would be focusing on ways to grow its online presence after it was revealed that some locations were to close due to unpaid rent. Since then, the company has launched a new e-commerce platform and is tweaking its loyalty program.

The marketplace will serve as a virtual space where customers can shop local brands, artists, and of course, The Bay’s products too. 

Hudson's Bay Will Support Local
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The majority of these businesses will fall under categories that already exist at Hudson’s Bay. However, there will also be a handful of new product lines added which include pets, sports, health, and outdoor equipment. 

The president and CEO of Hudson’s Bay, Iain Nairn, stated to the Toronto Star that the company is planning to support over 300 new businesses. 

There are a few requirements for Canadian brands who wish to be showcased on the site. Businesses who want to be involved must have direct to consumer shipping throughout Canada and available inventory on-hand. 

If you’re a Canadian business and meet these requirements, be sure to apply!

Although no specific date has been given for the Hudson’s Bay marketplace, it’s said to be fully available sometime next month.

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