People Are Raving About this Underarm Mask — Here’s Why

Your deodorant stick could be slowly killing you, so make the switch to a natural product ASAP.
People Are Raving About this Underarm Mask — Here's Why

While our underarms are often overlooked and downright despised, we should be doing more for these neglected bits.

The majority of us probably purchase a strawberry scented stick or baby scented aerosol that many scientists urge against. While no leading studies have conclusively determined that there’s a direct link between applying aluminum to our underarms – a common ingredient found in deodorant — it can get absorbed into the breast tissue causing estrogen-like effects. If that’s not scary enough, the parabens found in our leading deodorant brands can also imitate the activity of natural estrogen found in our bodies.

While they might smell nice, prevent odours and cost less than our morning latte, they’re really bad for our bodies. There are lymph nodes inside our underarms that produce particles that protect us from toxins and the like, but by allowing aluminum in, they have to work harder. This means these heroic little saviours have to work overtime to banish diet missteps, environmental damage and more.

Enter natural deodorants. They might not smell good, they definitely cost more, but they ultimately don’t hurt us.

Say goodbye to unhealthy ingredients and hello to Lavanila. This detox mask promises to deliver body odour banishing goodness, all the while protecting us from harm. The only downside next to the steep price is the time it can take to start working. It’s said that a natural deodorant can take up to a month for the odour banishers to start working. So, maybe, just maybe, you could potentially stink for 30 days, but you won’t be slowly hurting yourself with a simple stick of deodorant.

This revolutionary detoxifying mask was created by an active woman that understands we can’t all wait 30 days to not smell, so the product is infused with bacteria balancing ingredients. Included is a powerful concoction that acts as a magnet to bring harmful dirt, bacteria and of course, aluminum to the surface. Simply work the product onto your underarm with the provided brush and let it sit for ten minutes. This brightening and odour banishing product will ensure you’re glowing – and less smelly – from the inside out. The average price of the mask is $26, five per cent of which will go to Breast Cancer Awareness.

It’s time to make the switch from your stick. Your body will seriously thank you.

Would you give the Lavanila mask a try? Share with us in the comment section.

Featured Image: Lavanila

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