There Is A Lantern Festival Coming Next Month

There Is A Lantern Festival Coming Next Month

Witness the magic of thousands of lanterns floating into the summer night sky. Welcome to ‘The Lights Fest‘, where you can experience live music, dancing, food, and of course an eruption of sky lanterns surrounded by your friends and family.

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This is the way it works: the crowd will ignite their lanterns and let go of them at the exact same time of the night, filling the skies with light. This, of course, will only happen once the go-signal has been given by the local fire authorities. Staff on site will give instructions during the event on how to unpack and light the lanterns properly.

The event is taking place on July 14th at the Dunnville Agricultural Fairgrounds. Tickets are around $75 but will definitely be worth the experience. You can buy here.

Are you going to attend ‘The Lights Fest’? Let us know in the comment section!

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