We are So In Love With IKEA’s Newest Collaboration

We are always super excited when Ikea comes up with something different.
We are So In Love With IKEA's Newest Collaboration

Unless you are a part of the mega-rich, it’s no doubt that you have a couple of pieces from IKEA in your pad. While the ubiquitousness of IKEA is part of its popularity, what usually ends up happening is that your place looks just like your friend’s place, which looks like your other friend’s place. The most popular pieces from IKEA are just that popular, which means it’s hard to give your space a unique feel, especially if you load up on IKEA products.

For this reason we are always super excited for IKEA hacks or when the Swedish company comes up with something different. The newest IKEA collaboration is between IKEA and Danish design house HAY. Images have just surfaced showcasing the  HAY x IKEA capsule collection, and it’s truly to die for.

The collaborative range features chairs, shelves, lighting, sofas, desks and other home accessories. Each accessory exudes the design ethos of Hay, which has become one of the most notable home accessories designers in the world. What’s best about the collaboration is that usually HAY’s products are out of price for the casual home designer. This project with IKEA will see HAY’s designs come at an affordable price.

We will provide you with more details as they are released.