lululemon’s Membership Program Has Launched In Select Canadian Cities

lululemon's Membership Program Has Launched In Select Canadian Cities

Earlier this year, lululemon announced that it would be launching a brand new membership program for its shoppers and as of this month, the program is officially live!

Fans of the yoga line can now register for the membership, which is available in select cities across North America.

The lululemon Membership program is available in Edmonton, Toronto, Chicago and Denver/Boulder.

Unlike some other retail loyalty programs, there is a cost associated with lululemon’s. An annual membership will cost you $168 CAD and spots are limited. With the membership, there are tons of perks to be had.

Celebrating community connection, members will have access to exclusive events like workout classes and coaching sessions, early access to new product launches, 20% off on your birthday, and a piece of member-exclusive gear that is valued at over $100.

If you’re a super fan of the brand, these are some pretty awesome perks.

Pending the success of the program, it’s likely the lululemon membership will roll out in other cities too, so stay tuned for more updates or register for your membership on

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