Lululemon Is Launching A New Membership Program — Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Lululemon Is Launching A New Membership Program — Here's Everything We Know So Far

Voted the most valuable Canadian fashion brand in 2019, lululemon has consistently remained one of the country’s favourite athleticwear brands since its inception. And for those who are brand loyalists, it looks like things are about to get even better.

Lululemon announced that it will be launching a brand new membership program some time in September.

The Vancouver-founded brand ran a pilot for the loyalty program back in Edmonton back in 2018. Then, the membership cost $128 annually for a year of free shipping, programming, and other perks. According to the company, the program ran with success, which would explain why it’s expanding.

Here’s everything we know about the new Lululemon Membership program so far:

lululemon membership

It will only be available in Toronto and Edmonton to start and spots are limited.

Launching this fall, the membership program will be available to residents of Toronto and Edmonton. The retailer has noted that spaces are limited, so it’s best to signup for notifications to be the first notified for the launch. We suspect that pending the program’s success, we could see it roll out into other cities.

You will have to pay for the membership.

In the original pilot program, an annual membership ran for $128 but included a bunch of different perks, including a free pair of pants or shorts and free shipping. At the time, the company said that the prices of this membership could rise. What the price will be this time around is still unknown, but it will be non-refundable and members will have the option to renew their memberships after one year.

There will be plenty of great perks.

While all the perks haven’t been announced publicly yet, according to the terms and conditions listed on, these are some of the offerings you can expect:

  • Access to an exclusive Membership Welcome Collection
  • Early access to online collections
  • A 20% discount on your birthday
  • Personal development content
  • Free monthly studio classes and events, in-person and online, for a total of 12 a year

We’ll be keeping an eye out for updates, but for brand loyalists, the Lululemon Membership sounds like it could be in the running for one of the best retail reward programs out there!

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