Lululemon Is Releasing A Line Of Self-Care And We Couldn’t Be More Excited

Lululemon Is Releasing A Line Of Self-Care And We Couldn't Be More Excited

There are few things we love more than sitting in a pair of comfy yoga pants and a good “We Made Too Much” sale. And now, Lululemon is coming at us with something new! The brand recently announced a major new product line and it’s like nothing they’ve done before.

Earlier this month, the yoga wear brand revealed that it will be releasing a line of self-care products later this spring.

Using insights from athletes and expert product developers, Lululemon’s self-care line promises unique formulas built from scratch with function, feel, and format considered.

Shoppers can expect four products in total: Anti-Stink Deodorant, Basic Balm, Sweat Reset Face Moisturizer, and No Show Dry shampoo — all helpful products that can easily help the user transition from their daily sweat to life with ease.

lululemon self-care

Just like the company’s athletic wear, the line was built to perform.

Every product in Lululemon’s self-care line was designed to address a specific problem and also create sensory experiences through scent and texture. And it’s not just the actual product itself that was built to perform, but the packaging as well.

When designing the packaging, Lululemon’s “number one priority was portability because [the company] knew this product would travel with you.” Each item in the collection features leak-proof seals and a soft finish to easily be thrown into a bag. Additionally, each product will be available in home and travel-friendly sizes.

lululemon self-care

Lululemon’s central mission when creating the self-care line was to design something users could feel good about using every day.

Skin safety was one of the biggest things the brand had in mind when creating the line. The products include both natural and technology-driven synthetic on the ingredient link that are “clean, good-for-you ingredients” that avoid gluten, parabens, and sulfates. The line is also cruelty-free, meaning that they don’t test anything on animals.

Take a peek at the rest of Lululemon’s self-care offerings below, and stay tuned for a launch date!

lululemon self-care
lululemon self-care

Featured image: Lululemon

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