7 Places To Make Your Own Custom Beauty Products

From scents and foundation to shampoo, these rad companies that let you make your own custom beauty products because one size doesn’t fit all.
7 Places To Make Your Own Custom Beauty Products

The beauty industry is one of the most innovative simply because when it comes to skin, one size fits all isn’t a thing.

Not only are skin concerns vastly different from person to person, but preference also plays a big role. Lucky for us, customizable beauty products aren’t hard to find if you know where to look.

From scents and foundation to shampoo, these rad companies that let you make your own products are disrupting the market with a whole new spin on beauty that’s 100% approved by you. Don’t settle for someone else’s shade when you could have your own!

Vamp up your look and take a look at 7 places to make custom beauty products below.

Province Apothecary

1518 Dundas St. West, Toronto 

custom beauty products

If you’re looking for a new serum to add to your skin care routine, don’t waste your cash on a generic product! Province Apothecary on Dundas West specializes in consultations that include a 7 ml custom facial serum made with organic essential oils and based off your skin analysis. The whole experience only costs $60, which is totally worth it considering some serums are priced well over the $60 mark.



678 Queen St. West, Toronto 


BITE BEAUTY Lip Lab is one of the only places in Toronto where you can make your own custom lipstick from start to finish. Made with all-natural ingredients, you could literally eat your lipstick if you really wanted to. What’s even better though is that the shade will be entirely exclusive to you. Were not going to lie, it is on the pricier side, starting at $55 for one lipstick, but along with picking the shade, it also includes choosing the finish and adding a flavour.

Le Labo

876 Queen St. West, Toronto 

custom beauty products

While it would be nice to create your own perfume from scratch, let’s be real, it would likely end up a disaster. Leave the fine tuning to the pros at Le Labo on Queen West. Once you pick your fragrance, they freshly hand-blend it right in front of you, then let you customize the label on the bottle. The ingredients might not be chosen by you, but the experience and the fragrance bottle will be unique. 



custom beauty products

Unbeknownst to most, Clinique has a great custom product for sufferers of dry skin. Available online, their ID product initiative allows you to create your own custom hydrater in just two easy steps. Consumers start by choosing their base, then making additions based on particular skin concerns to create something specific to their individual needs. In total, there are 15 combinations that are targeted to hydrate and treat exactly what your skin is craving.

Lancôme at Nordstrom

Multiple locations

custom beauty products

Select Nordstrom locations in Toronto (Eaton Centre and Yorkdale), have teamed up with Lancôme to create custom foundation formulas. The experience starts with aLancôme expert who will analyze your skin to detect your shade. Then you’ll be guided through the process of choosing the type of coverage you want, along with addressing your primary skin concerns. The final product will be made right in front of you and includes a personalized foundation bottle and complexion ID for easy refills.

Function of Beauty


custom beauty products

Skin isn’t the only fickle thing on a woman’s body — hair concerns are a big one, too! Enter Function Beauty: an innovative website that allows you to create custom shampoo and conditioner. Build your own formula by taking their four step hair quiz, which takes you through a variety of factors. At the end, you’ll be presented with pretty bottles that have customizable labels. Plus, you also get to pick the colour and scent of your shampoo and conditioner.

Mix Beauty Lab

216 Heath St W #1, Toronto 

custom beauty

Mix Beauty Lab, located in North York, is worth checking out if you live in the area or want customized cosmetics. The salon not only creates custom foundation shades, but also lipstick and lipgloss. Enjoy a personalized consult with one of their mixologists who will help you reach your end goal and also simplify your beauty routine in the process. Layering on two entirely different foundations or lipsticks to create the shade you need is a thing of the past!

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