Create Your Own Custom Lipstick at this Beauty Lab in Toronto

We visited the Lip Lab by BITE to find out the process behind creating custom food-grade lipstick. Take a peek at our experience.
Create Your Own Custom Lipstick at this Beauty Lab in Toronto

Creating your own custom cosmetics may seem like a lofty (and expensive) dream, but a beauty lab in Toronto is making it happen.

Lip Lab by BITE is a somewhat recent addition to Toronto’s popular Queen West strip, but the Toronto-born lipstick brand has been making waves in the beauty scene for quite some time. A quick jump to Sephora, where the line is exclusively sold, shows an abundance of 5-star reviews. The reason? Founder Susanne Langmuir’s simple mission: create a quality lipstick that people love.

Made with the finest all-natural ingredients at a factory in Toronto, BITE is 100% food-grade, meaning they are literally good enough to eat. Each lipstick is creamy, long-lasting, highly pigmented and hydrating. While the brand boasts dozens of shades, their Lip Lab in Toronto (678 Queen St. W) allows beauty aficionados to take their love for cosmetics to the next level by offering personalized lipstick experiences.

At the Lip Lab by BITE, you’ll work with a Lip Lab Artist to customize everything from the finish to the shade to the scent. The entire process doesn’t take long (approximately 20 minutes) and is fairly friendly on the wallet (1 custom lipstick costs $55). We dropped by the Lip Lab to try the experience for ourselves.

Discover how you can create your own custom lipstick in Toronto below:

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