Sephora Just Launched A Cult-Favourite Skincare Brand In-Store

Sephora Just Launched A Cult-Favourite Skincare Brand In-Store

Best known for catering to various chronic skincare issues, including eczema and rosacea, with high concentrations of pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical actives, Canadian clean beauty brand Skinfix brings its dermatology-approved skincare to Sephora stores.

Last month, Sephora welcomed Skinfix to its Clean at Sephora program by launching six of the brand’s collections exclusively online at and

But as of now, Canadian fans can cut the delivery time and pick up the cult-favourite Eczema+ Collection and Inked+ Tattoo Aftercare Balm in-store at all 70 retail stores.


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Another exciting change to expect is brand new, bold packaging. With each Skinfix formula, vital, active ingredients are displayed on the pack with the active percentages to help guide shoppers in the right direction and solution.

If you’re interested in clean beauty without compromising real results, Skinfix is the clean beauty brand that doesn’t compromise actual results.

“Skinfix delivers an unprecedented proposition — clean products, formula transparency, clinical efficacy and broad reaching, unbiased dermatologist endorsements. We are proof that clean beauty can be legitimately clinical,” says the founder of Skinfix Amy Risley. “Our studies go beyond the level of clinical rigour traditionally done in this category [compromised skin]. And, most importantly, we deliver results with clean formulations that support the health and functions of the precious skin barrier.”

If Skinfix sounds like the fix your skin needs, we recommend trying the following products:

Skinfix Hand Repair Cream, $24

skinfix sephora

Although eczema is a genetic skin condition, many people can develop signs and symptoms of topical dermatitis after repeated exposures to water and mild irritants. Designed for treating eczema and cracked dry hands, this award-winning hand cream is made with colloidal oatmeal (1%) and almond oil (5%) to deeply nourish itchy and irritated hands. This hand cream is safe to use on all skin types.

Skinfix 911 Ointment, $32

sephora skinfix

Proven to support chapped and extremely, rough, cracked skin, this cream formulation is made with Allantoin (0.5%) to promote healing of minor cuts and burns and Cupuaçu butter to deliver lasting hydration. Great for treating cracked heels!

Skinfix Tattoo Aftercare Balm, $32

skinfix sephora

A cult-favourite for tattoo artists and enthusiasts everywhere, this balm is best known for its ability to protect healing tattoos and revive the look of existing ones. Made with coconut oil (34%)  and allantoin (0.5%), this balm is free of ingredients you might want to avoid like petroleum and lanolin.

Skinfix Resurface+ Glycolic Renewing Scrub, $42


Designed for head-to-toe use, this double-duty pre-shower scrub is formulated exfoliate rough, bumpy skin, and keratosis pilaris (a common and harmless skin condition that causes rough patches and tiny bumps, usually on the upper arms, thighs and cheeks). Made with glycollic acid and lactic acid to reveal smoother and radiant skin and help encourage skin cell turnover. For the best results, follow the scrub with the Resurface+ AHA Renewing ($60) cream.

Skinfix Redness Recovery+ Antioxidant Redness Treatment Overnight Mask, $67


Perfect for rosacea-prone skin, this high-concentrated mask helps calm and drastically reduce visible redness and replenishes dehydrated skin overnight. Although it’s made with rich honey and peptide complex, it’s consistency is a light gel-like cream. Also made with a green tea, a potent antioxidant, it helps protect the skin from environmental stress.

Skinfix Barrier+ Lipid-Boost Jelly, $67


No matter the skin type, all skin can benefit from a boost of moisture to hydrate and replenish the skin’s protective barrier. Made with a seaweed, hyaluronate blend and a healthy skin lipid complex, this lightweight serum promises to create a smoother, radiant, and healthy glow.

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