There’s A New Shop In Toronto Where You Can Customize Your Sneakers

There's A New Shop In Toronto Where You Can Customize Your Sneakers

These days it’s rare to have something in your wardrobe that’s truly unique; something that’s truly just yours. Thanks to Instagram and fast fashion, styles are easily shared and replicated. And in the world of sneakers, for instance, even “exclusive drops” aren’t that exclusive.

While brands used to make sneakers in runs less than 100, those types of drops are far and few in between. So to have a pair of kicks that are truly your own, you’ve got to customize them yourself. Labels like Nike, adidas, and Vans all have create-your-own-shoes sections on their websites, but for those craving a truly custom experience, a new shop in Toronto offers just that.


Mack House lets you customize your own pair of sneakers in-shop.

Located at Stackt Market in Toronto, Mack House is the brainchild of Shelby Weaver whose love for sneakers started at a young age. Weaver began customizing her own sneakers as an escape from her busy work life.

Her friends and family quickly took notice, commissioning her to do theirs too. With requests rolling in left, right, and centre, Weaver turned her talent into a business idea, and Mack House was born.

mack house inc

The fully equipped sneaker customizing studio is open for sneaker enthusiasts of all skill levels and ages.

The beauty of the studio is that you can go as simple or complex as you like. With six different stations in-shop, visitors can paint, print, accessorize, or add more fabric and textures to their own pair of sneakers, with all tools and materials provided. The team behind Mack House is there to guide each individual every step of the way.

For $95, visitors get access to the workshop for two hours. Mack House runs three sessions a day (12 p.m., 3 p.m., and 6 p.m.) and appointments can be booked through Instagram or

Mack House Inc

We had the opportunity to drop in and customize our own sneakers. Take a peek inside Mack House below.

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