SD Test: Do These Magnetic False Eyelashes Actually Work?

We keep seeing them everywhere, but do they actually work? Here are the pros and cons of using magnetic false eyelashes.
SD Test: Do These Magnetic False Eyelashes Actually Work?

The wonderful world of the Internet, Facebook specifically, spews out all sorts of products touted as “life-changing” and magical; inventions that will help you live your best life.

First, we had the backless, strapless push-up bra that defied gravity, then eyebrow gel that lasted like 72 hours and most recently, false magnetic eyelashes.

Being someone who has struggled with false eyelashes (once I tried putting them on and almost gouged my eye out), when I saw these seemingly wondrous magnetic falsies, I definitely started to wonder… do they actually work?

I mean, it’s no secret that a lot of the products you see on Facebook are either scams or gimmicks, however, sometimes I make impulse buys. And lucky for you, it works in your favour, when it ends up being something I write about.

So, when I saw a flash sale on a set of magnetic eyelashes from a company called Alexia & Co. (There are better brands out there – I’m just cheap), I snagged them up for about $20 without hesitation.

When I finally got the magnetic falsies in the mail, I tore open the package like savage, with high hopes and excitement. Application was fairly easy – way easier than false eyelashes with glue – and the results were actually surprising.

Each eye has two sets of lashes, with a tiny, tiny, paper thing magnet in the middle of both. Simply put one on the top and bottom of your lash line and they snap together. Taking them off is just as easy – hold, and slide each away from each other to detach the magnetic.

To really put my new fluttery guys to the test, I wore them out for a drink with friends and to my surprise they stayed on the ENTIRE night! Okay, now is when you’re probably saying “that’s great, but I still have some questions.”

No doubt, girl! I thought you would, so I’ve laid out the pros and cons below so you can make a more educated decision.


-easy application

-surprisingly lightweight

-reusable (many more times than normal falsies)


-lashes are shorter than length of the eye

-not as high quality as regular falsies

Overall, I actually found more pros, than cons. The only real negative was the length of the falsies. They were only about half the length of my actual eye, which was good at creating a dramatic, winged look, but not ideal for a natural look.

So, while I was fairly impressed with the magnetic eyelashes, just remember that viral products are usually never as good as advertised. In this case application of the falsies was as easy as they made it seem, however they didn’t look quite as good as regular falsies and only looked good with a full eye of makeup.

Let’s see what ‘revolutionary’ product Facebook will spew out next.

Would you give these magnetic false eyelashes a try? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image: Instagram/ @ onetwocosmetics

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