You Won’t Want To Miss This 80% Off Makeup Sale

You Won't Want To Miss This 80% Off Makeup Sale

Calling all makeup enthusiasts! This is one sale you’ll definitely want to know about. Later this month there is a massive sale featuring top brands, like Estee Lauder and MAC. We know how expensive makeup can be, especially when you have to replace it so often. Imagine the prices with up to 80% off – yes, we feel the same way.

MAC and Estee Lauder own a lot of makeup companies, so you’ll see a lot more variety of brands than you can imagine. If you’re a fan of Clinique, Bobbi Brown, and other famous brands, then this is the perfect sale for you! Think makeup, skincare and more with up to 80% off! There will also be bags for sale from Michael Kors, Coach, and DKNY alongside the makeup products. The sale is set to be a huge success and follows a L’Oreal Warehouse Sale that starts today and runs until April 8th.

In case you were waiting, there is a catch though – The event is not open to the public. You don’t have to stress though. Thank you Narcity, there is Kijiji but shhh. Keep that on the down-low.

Now it’s time to shop until you drop with amazing deals and products to match. The sale is open from March 23rd until March 25th and will be at Markham Fairgrounds. Get there early (with tickets) to grab the best stuff.