10 Of The Most Popular Brands Of 2018

Logos were all the rage in 2018. Take a peek at which ones were on the top of shoppers’ minds and what made them the most popular brands of 2018.
10 Of The Most Popular Brands Of 2018

When it comes to searching fashion, Lyst is the go-to. And we’re not the only ones who think so.

The LVMH-backed fashion discovery platform saw 80 million shoppers from 120 countries on the website this year. In the past 12 months, Lyst tracked more than 100 million searches, which involved over 5 million products and 12,000 brands. Through their research, they were able to determine 2018’s hottest trends, Instagram brands, influencers, and logos.

Each category had interesting findings.

Serena Williams was an unexpected fashion influencer.

According to Lyst, her US Open Off-White x Nike outfit caused a spike in demand for black tennis outfits. Not so surprisingly, Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie nabbed the top two spots for fashion-inspiring celebrities.

In terms of trends, “Dad” fashion saw a 439% spike in searches from the year prior. It was joined by trends like meme fashion, western cowboy, sports luxe, 90s/00s, neon, plastic, artsy, pre-Raphaelite prairie, and sustainability.

As we wrap up the year, perhaps the most interesting category is 2018’s most popular brand logos.

Logos were all the rage in 2018, and Lyst was able to capture the most-searched. Take a peek at which ones were on the top of shoppers’ minds, as well as what Lyst has to say about their popularity below.

10. Cèline

popular brands 2018

“The new Celine under Hedi Slimane came with one controversial difference – the loss of the è accent in the logo. Searches for Philo-era Celine logo pieces immediately spiked on re-sale sites, especially the logo plastic grocery bag and the ‘Classic’ leather tote.”

9. Louis Vuitton

most popular brands 2018

“The classic LV monogram logo remains on the most wanted luxury motifs worldwide. Bags, wallets, and belts in the brown on brown monogram are consistently searched for by shoppers from all over the world, across both new and pre-owned pieces.”

8. Versace

most popular brands 2018

“Demand for the Vintage Logomania sandals and Logo Tribute slides meant searches for Versace footwear increased 59% year on year. Men’s and women’s jewelry featuring the iconic Medusa head logo was popular over the summer.”

7. Kappa

most popular brands 2018

“From slides to track jackets, views of products featuring the Kappa logo were up 51% year on year.”

6. Gucci

most popular brands 2018

“The most wanted logo T-shirt of 2017, Gucci’s popularity continued into 2018. Their logo belt was the hottest product of 2018, and other goods emblazoned with Gucci (and Guccy) continue to drive millions of searches every month.”

5. Fendi


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“The FF ‘Zucca’ monogram was catapulted back into the spotlight in February when Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her wearing Fendi logoed tights along with a Fendi logoed shirt. Searches for Fendi logo pieces are up 70% year on year, across new and pre-owned luxury retailers.”

4. Prada

most popular brands 2018

“As demand for the iconic Prada nylon accessories grew this year, searches for all Prada logo products — from pool slides to socks — increased worldwide.”

3. Fila

most popular brands 2018

“2018 was a huge comeback year for the Italian sportswear giant. From logo emblazoned teddy coats to T-shirts, items with the Fila logo were viewed once every six seconds in May. A collaboration with Fendi gave the Fila logo further fashion kudos.”

2. Champion

most popular brands 2018

“A series of collaborations with the likes of BEAMS, Beauty & Youth, Timberland, and End have kept the Champion logo front of mind for consumers, who are also searching for classic Champion logo pieces. From kimonos to fanny packs, the Champion logo was everywhere this year, search for more than 3,000 times a month.”

1. Supreme

most popular brands 2018

“Supreme’s iconic red box logo is fashion’s hottest status symbol. From the +1000% search frenzy when sell-out collaborations launch, to the sky-high resale value of Supreme branded pieces, Supreme’s logo was the most wanted of 2018.”

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