The 8 Most Popular Farm Boy Products To Shop Your Next Visit

If you live in Ontario, chances are you’ve heard about Farm Boy. Known for its farm fresh selection, the grocer has been around for over 36 years and has opened up shop in cities like Toronto, Hamilton, and Kitchener, with even more to come.

Over the years, Farm Boy has grown a massive following of loyal shoppers. And while it might just seem like a normal grocer, what makes Farm Boy stand out above the rest is its private label. From pasta sauces to frozen entrees, Farm Boy makes it all…and they do it good.

We recently had the opportunity to visit Farm Boy to see what all the hype was about.

Take a tour in the video below and keep reading to discover the most popular Farm Boy products.

Chocolate Covered Double Roasted Almonds

After two years of development and researching the perfect almond, roast time, and chocolate-to-almond ratio, Farm Boy has created the best chocolate covered almonds. With two different varieties — dark chocolate and milk chocolate — the snack has become a favourite among customers, so don’t pass on these the next time you visit!

Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn

If you’re looking for a healthy snack for your next movie night, reach for a bag of Farm Boy’s Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn. Bags of the three-ingredient treat are flying off shelves and the team is working on developing more flavours as you read this — it’s that popular!

Spicy Eda-Yummy Dip

most popular farm boy
Facebook/Farm Boy

There’s no denying that dip makes everything taste better. But instead of reaching for an old classic, try one of Farm Boy’s favourites: the Spicy Eda-Yummy Dip. Made with edamame sourced from London, Ontario, wholesome kale, and jalapeños, it’s perfect to pair with veggies, crackers, or chips!

Frozen Dinner Entrees

Not everyone has time to cook all the time and the team at Farm Boy knows that. That’s why they’ve turned their most popular hot bar entrees — Butter Chicken, Shepherd’s Pie, and Macaroni & Cheese — into convenient freezables, perfect for any time and place.

Wild Raw Argentinian Shrimp

most popular farm boy

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Say goodbye to puny shrimp you can barely see in your pastas and hello to Farm Boy’s Wild Raw Argentinian Shrimp. Each bag features peeled, deveined shrimp caught off the coast of Patagonia that are perfect for your next meal.

Lemon Garlic Dressing

most popular farm boy

This classic dressing has a massive following and it’s the flavour that Farm Boy customers keep coming back for. It’s been so popular that Farm Boy chefs recreated the flavour in a Lemon Garlic Hummus.

Smoked Sausages

most popular farm boy

Although BBQ season might be coming to an end, you can enjoy Farm Boy’s smoked sausages all year round! With five different flavours — Bacon Cheese, Hot Italian, Jalapeño Cheese, Mild Italian, and Spicy Spanish Chorizo — there’s something to satisfy everyone!

Chickenless Nuggets and Beefless Tenders

most popular farm boy

If you’ve been waiting for more vegetarian options, Farm Boy has got ’em! Two popular meatless meats from the grocer’s private label include the versatile Chickenless Nuggets and the Beefless Tenders, both made from vegan soy proteins.