A New Napping Studio Has Opened In Toronto

No more sneaking into a break room to get a little shut eye. Your midday slump just got a little easier to treat — at least for those who work around Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto.

A new napping studio has just opened in Toronto, and its the first permanent studio of its kind.

While we’ve seen “sleeping nooks” in stores like Casper, Nap It Up is a new space in Toronto that is solely dedicated to offering visitors a soft spot to rest their heads.

Located at the Yonge Eglinton Centre, the new napping studio spans over 1,500-square-feet and is located on the bottom floor of the mall near Buck Or Two.

nap it up
Nap It Up

Visitors can pay to take get some shut-eye at Nap It Up.

Single twin beds are situated in a dimly-lit room and separated by curtains. A 25 minute nap costs $10, a 55 minute nap costs $20, and an hour-and-a-half long nap is $30.

In addition, each room comes with two sheets and a small safe for your belongings.

Nap it up
Nap It Up

If you’re feeling fancy, you can upgrade your room.

The upgraded rooms are $15 for 25 minutes, and you’ll get a private mirror, eye mask, and a water bottle. For an additional cost, you can get warm blankets, a noice machine, anti-snoring nose vests, or nasal strips.

Depending on how easy of a sleeper you are, the extra upgrades could be worth it!

Nap It Up is great for those looking to recharge.

Considering the long hours many Torontonians work, Nap It Up is great solace when you just can’t kick that sleepy feeling and sleeping at your desk isn’t an option.

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