Why You Need To Start Wiping Down The Grocery Cart Before You Shop

If you don’t wipe your carts down already, we suggest you start!
Why You Need To Start Wiping Down The Grocery Cart Before You Shop

Next time you go shopping at a grocery store, take a look at the shopping cart area. Many of them have sanitary wipes available use to wipe down shopping carts, and we suggest if you don’t use them already you should.

While germs and staying healthy are important concerns, especially with flu season around the corner. Studies and reports are coming out of the U.S. that there is an even more serious reason as to why to wipe down your shopping cart.

According to several Amerian media outlets, there are claims that the increase of fentanyl usage on the street has seen particles left of shopping carts which has caused accidental overdoses.

With reports that the Fentanyl usage has reached crisis level in Ontario, there is a concern that this may become an issue in the future.

With a little digging though, we found that this story is heavily exaggerated, and the chances of accidentally overdosing from fentanyl contact on a shopping cart is unlikely.

Snopes.com the independent fact-checking website states that claims of people overdosing from shopping carts are scientifically dubious at best, and that these reports are unproven.

So we suggest you should wipe down your shopping cart, but only because they are touched but multiple people throughout the day, and as everyone knows germs on hands are one of the quickest ways to spread the flu.  If you want to take extra precautions against winter-illness, then wipe down the cart, if you are worried about drugs like fentanyl on shopping carts then you are worrying a little too much.