No Frills Just Launched It’s Very Own Line Of Clothing

No Frills Just Launched It's Very Own Line Of Clothing

Our favourite discount Canadian grocery chain No Frills designed their own clothing and we’re really into it. They’re clearly up to something, judging by the content of a cryptic new Instagram account and website. If you haven’t noticed, posters have been appearing all over downtown Toronto advertising something called ‘HAULER.’

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No Frills wrote on Instagram that a “Hauler” is:

  • Someone who cares not for frills.
  • Someone who is frugal, and proud of it
  • Someone who hauls. Hard. (See definition of haul)
  • Someone who shops at No Frills. Linda’s such a hauler she needs a stretch minivan.

The website and the hashtag #HAULER are officially live. There’s also an Instagram account that is linked to the website which has been boosting the brand since last week. Hauler was released Canada-wide yesterday!

CANADA WIDE. 10 DAYS. 05.07.18

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Three t-shirts, one long sleeve, and a sweatshirt are officially on sale now! The brand plans to expand its collection depending on what consumers ask for.


What do you think of Hauler? Let us know in the comments!

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