6 Money Saving Hacks for Guilt-Free Spending

6 Money Saving Hacks for Guilt-Free Spending

Want to save up for that next “big purchase” but don’t want to sacrifice your everyday spending? Here are 6 easy money-saving hacks that’ll remove the guilt of spending and put more money back into your wallet.


A simple way to save money on your everyday spending is through the Drop app. You connect your debit or credit cards so you no longer have to carry a loyalty card. Just spend at your favourite stores like Walmart, Tim Hortons, and McDonald’s and automatically earn points. The best part? Use your Drop points to cash in on gift cards to retailers you’re spending with already.


Is online shopping a habit you just can’t kick? Try adding Ebates to your life! The website site gives you cash back on purchases made at all your favourite stores such as American Eagle and Amazon. Some stores even give you double cash back, which means you could be earning money spending at your favourite online stores.


Another helpful online shopping hack is Honey — a browser extension that helps you get discounts at online retailers. It works by automatically searching the web for all the coupon/promotion codes and when you’re at the checkout it allows you to easily apply the ones that save you the most. With Honey you’ll always be getting the sweetest deals and the most bang for your buck.


Are you a big reader? Check out Overdrive — all you need is your local library card to get free access to thousands of eBooks and audiobooks. Overdrive gives you the ease and freedom of a public library right on your phone or tablet so you can read all the newest bestsellers without having to spend a dime.

Travel Tips

A travel tip for booking great trips is to have some flexibility. Flying out on Tuesday or Wednesday is typically cheaper so if possible, plan around those days. If you’re not picky about your next vacation destination, you may have better luck booking flights based on price instead of destination. Sites such as YYZ Deals, Fly Fork, or Next Departure let you know about insanely low flights and mistake fares all over the world — which means you can get a steal of a deal to Paris. This makes vacations not only feasible on a budget, but hard to turn down!

It’s easy to be rewarded for shopping if you’re smart about how and where you spend. Definitely , ake use of these money hacks to help you be a smarter spender, so you can save money while sacrificing less.

Do you have any money hacks to share? Let us know in the comment section.

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