Canadian Company Reinvents The MAGA Hat With Heartwarming Campaign

Canadian Company Reinvents The MAGA Hat With Heartwarming Campaign

The infamous red “Make America Great Again” hat has become synonymous with hate and hostility. But one Canadian company is aiming to unravel it and its message.

Peace Collective, known for its hometown pride emblazoned apparel and accessories like “Toronto -vs- Everyone” and “Home Is Canada,” recently launched a campaign that focuses on what makes really makes Canada great.


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We unraveled the MAGA hat stitch-by-stitch and gave it a new meaning. Let’s #UnravelHate – Link in bio.

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Peace Collective’s #UnravelHate campaign speaks with refugees, immigrants, and an American expat about their decisions to leave home and start lives in a new country. “The MAGA hat is definitely a dividing line of us vs. them,” Cori, an American expat says. “It represents anger and fear and hatred.”

As each individual tells their story, the MAGA hat is unraveled stitch-by-stitch.

unravel hate
YouTube/Peace Collective

The MAGA hat is taken from each individual and in place, they are given Peace Collective’s “Welcome To Canada” toque, stitched with the very thread from a MAGA hat. “We feel welcome in Canada and we love the country too…even the winter,” laughs Oscar, a Salvadoran refugee.

unravel Hate
YouTube/Peace Collective

The “Welcome To Canada” toque represents everything that makes Canada great: love and acceptance — and that’s something that we can all take pride in.

You can purchase your “Welcome To Canada” toque on Profits from each purchase will be donated to WoodGreen Community Services, a charity that helps immigrants and refugees with the settlement process in Canada.

Watch Peace Collective’s full #UnravelHate campaign below and buy your toque here.

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