Retailers Who Have Closed Locations in Canada 2017

Retailers Who Have Closed Locations in Canada 2017

This year has been a tough one for retailers. Stores that have been around as long we can remember have shut their doors due to lack of sales. As previously mentioned, the decline in department store purchases has led to the demise of many businesses. With so many people preferring to shop online, there’s less need for malls. This has vastly changed the overall retail landscape. Instead of wading through the crowds at department stores, people are able to shop without the hassle on their phones while traveling on a bus or passing time in a waiting room. According to Global News, millennials are teaching the older generation how to use these new technological advances. “Speeding up the learning process when it comes to new shopping venues is the rise of the millennial generation and the fact that four out of 10 young people, these days, are still living with their parents,” noted Kruh.

Below, we’ve summed up the biggest store closings in Canada in 2017:

1. Sears

sears home scarborough

2. Bebe


4. hr2

5. Express

6. American Apparel

american apparel has filed for bankruptcy

7. HMV

10. Le Chateau

Are we missing any major retailers who have closed locations in Canada this year?

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