8 Retailers that Shut Their Doors for Good in 2017

We’ve seen some of our favourite stores close their doors in 2017. Keep reading for a list of all of the closing retailers that we’ll never see again.
8 Retailers that Shut Their Doors for Good in 2017

Every day it seems like another chain retail store is struggling to stay afloat in Canada. We’ve seen some of our favourite retailers close their doors so far in 2017. Whether the closure is a result of increased competition or aggressive expansion, we are disappointed when we lose beloved brands and employees are put out of work. Keep reading for a list of all of the major retailers that closed locations in Canada this year (so far). 



At the start of 2017, struggling HMV announced the closure of all of its stores. While we were sad to see this music and movie mecca close, it’s understandable that the retailer could not compete against endless streaming services. Since closing 102 stores in April 2017, at least 70 Sunrise Records stores have popped up in former HMV locations.  



In March 2017, ladies apparel retailer Bebe announced the shutdown of 170 stores (including eight Canadian locations,) in an effort to reduce expenses and focus on online sales. Given the sameness of this women’s fashion retailer, was anyone really disappointed to see Bebe close their doors?  



We were surprised in March 2017 when upscale women’s fashion apparel and accessories brand BCBG announced the closure of all 51 Canadian locations. Fashion-forward BCBG ladies wear can still be purchased through major department stores including Hudson’s Bay and off-price retailers like Winners.



May 2017 saw the demise of Express as they announced the closure of 17 Canadian locations. The Canadian marketplace proved to be all too difficult for Express, as they decided to not only close stores but also discontinue Canadian operations through its subsidiary, Express Fashion Apparel Canada.



In July 2017, children’s retailer, Gymboree announced the closure of 350 stores in an effort to restructure after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, like so many other struggling brands.



Starbucks announced in July 2017 that it would be closing all 379 Teavana stores (mostly located in shopping centres.) Landlords and employees are angry! Lucky for customers, Teavana products can still be purchased at any Starbucks location. 



No retailer (or e-tailer) is safe… In January 2017, Shoes.com announced the shutdown of all operations including two physical retail stores in Vancouver and Ontario. While we weren’t surprised to see this brand fold (given the heavy competition in the footwear market,) it is impressive how long they dominated the online shoe market for. 


Sears Canada is closing forever. After serving Canadians since 1953, Sears Canada announced in October 2017 the closure of all Canadian operations and the start of liquidations sales across the country. Attempts to restructure and reinvent the Sears brand over the past 18 months failed miserably, leaving Sears with no choice but to close all remaining full-line Sears, Sears Home and Hometown locations.

Are you sad that these retailers closed store locations in 2017?

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