10 Retailers That are Better to Shop Online than In Store

Skip messy racks and hard-to-navigate stores when you’re shopping with these retailers. Their online shops boast incredible perks like free shipping, better return policies & more.
10 Retailers That are Better to Shop Online than In Store

When it comes to technology, perhaps the most significant advancement in our lifetime is online shopping, because really, what beats being able to buy the perfect new booties from the comfort of your own bed? Of course, there are certain things you just can’t buy online, and some stores haven’t locked down the digital process just yet, so when it comes to shopping online, it’s best to know when it’s better to just head to the store yourself. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a list of the top 10 stores that are better to shop online.

Forever 21

Image: Instagram/@livvylandblog

Forever 21’s online store has everything their in-store does and more (let’s just say their ‘online exclusives’ will change your wardrobe). Shipping is free with a purchase of $50 or more, and you can exchange or refund your clothes either online or in-store up until 30 days after delivery. This way, you don’t have to get lost in the crowded aisles to find the perfect Friday night outfit.



Image: @aldo_shoes

Aldo’s online store is a step up. Unlike a lot of competitors, their online store offers sale prices and the option to pick up your online order in-store. And the best part is, they always have your size.


Free People

Image: @freepeople

Free People’s online store has gems you’d never find in the shop itself, take their cruelty free beauty and wellness products and adorably sexy intimates for example. Shipping is free and promised within 5-7 business days and, if you need a return, they offer pre-paid smart labels so you can ship your clothes back without the hassle or price.


Urban Outfitters

Image: Square One

Urban Outfitters online-exclusive apartment collection is the making for a millennial’s dream apartment, and with a sale offering on every week, a beautiful life won’t break the bank. Plus they offer easy tracking so you know exactly when your package is set to arrive, and select items are available for in-store pick-up.


Image: Paul Sakuma

If it seems like Gap is always hosting online sales, it’s probably because they are. With free mail exchanges and free shipping on orders $50+, why not replace your favourite worn out jeans for a fresh pair online?



Image: Anthropologie Blog

With all the items to peruse through, visiting an Anthropologie store can easily take up half your day. Luckily with their online store, you can let your hair down while you shop. To make your life even easier, they offer specials for their Anthroperks reward system online and free delivery, every single day of the week.



Image: The Telegraph

Unless you live around the corner from Yorkdale and the Eaton Centre or happen to be in Europe all the time, Topshop is hard to get to. Good news is, their online store has free international delivery if you spend more than £100 (yes, even all the way from the UK), you can also shop through Hudson’s Bay online store (albeit a smaller selection).



Image: Bramalea City Centre

Aritzia is always busy, and for good reason. By shopping online, you can avoid the lineups and ring in extra perks like exchanges on sale items and a whole month days to exchange your item, either in store or online.


Joe Fresh

Image: Pretty Connected

Joe Fresh’s online store offers perks like free delivery over $50 and option to refund purchases online or in-store. Plus, they have an easy to use app so you can literally shop on the go.



Image: Agencia Telling

Zara’s online store has super quick shipping and is much easier to navigate than in-stores. You get a whole month for refund or exchange and the process couldn’t be easier literally they send a courier to your door to pick up refunds. All you just need to do is arrange it on their website and wait for a knock at the door.

Did we miss any stores that are better to shop online than in store? Share them in the comment section.

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