Rogers and Bell Continue To Increase Internet Prices

Rogers and Bell Continue To Increase Internet Prices

No shocker there, two of Canada’s largest cell phone and internet providers are inflating prices even more. Rogers has already and Bell plans to increase their monthly subscriber price in the next month. They claim it is justified due to investments they’ve made in their network. We’ll see about that.

According to CP24, Rogers Communications raised prices on Monday for most of its internet plans by $8 a month. For its lowest-price plan, there will be a smaller increase of $4 per month for a package that delivers speeds of less than 20 megabytes per second.

We also found out that on April 1st, Bell Canada will increase its internet prices by $5 a month for Ontario customers and by $3 a month for its customers in Quebec. Bell will also increase internet overage charges to $4 per extra gigabyte, from $3 per gigabyte.”

They reported, “both companies have said that the appetite for data services has been soaring because of growing consumer demand. The price adjustments help fund improvements in the reach and capabilities of their networks.”

The two companies, competitors in the GTA and elsewhere in Ontario, are each racing to install a new generation of landline networks for delivering internet, IPTV television and other services to homes. We will see if other smaller and cheaper companies will gain more popularity. The last thing everyone needs is extra expenses.


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