These 5 Superfoods Will Make You Healthier in 2018

Check out these 5 superfoods that made a huge impact in 2017, and are about to get some major attention in 2018.
These 5 Superfoods Will Make You Healthier in 2018

New year, new you!

It comes without saying that Holidays are a write off when it comes to our diets. Between parties and endless dinners – and of course treats in the office – we can’t catch a break. So it’s time to embrace all that comes with a fresh start, and get cracking on our healthy lifestyles.

While going to the gym and signing up for fitness classes definitely helps, you will absolutely find the biggest improvements when you start paying closer attention to your diet. And while it’s great to work in a leafy green salad every now and again, it’s the smaller super foods that might just have the most impact.

Check out 5 superfoods that made a huge impact in 2017, and are about to get some major attention in 2018.

1. Turmeric: Is it just us, or did this yellow-hued spice completely blow up in 2017? From lattes to protein balls and everything in between, this bold cabinet mainstay shook up the food scene in a big way. Look for turmeric in your everyday restaurant offerings the second the clock strikes midnight.

2. Nut Oils: 2017 was definitely the year of the nut butter, but 2018 will see a new lease on life for oils. It’s time to trade in your sunflower or basic cooking oil for a healthier alternative. These ingredients also ensure everything you’re making is plant-based – because why not.

Photo: Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit

3. Tiger Nuts: Yep, let’s continue embracing this ingredient, but in full-form. This superfood looks similar to a raisin, but is rich in dietary fiber, prebiotics and potassium. It’s also said that this ingredient will prove to a be a great muscle relaxer as it’s a great source of magnesium.

4. Watermelon Seeds: Don’t retire your chia seed smoothie altogether, but it’s time to work in a few watermelon seeds. Apparently, these small little superfoods need to be sprouted and shelled before you eat them – so don’t just start chomping on the seeds you picked out of a slice. And while that process might seem like a bit of a chore for the average person looking to intake a few extra vitamins, the juice is certainly worth the squeeze. One serving of these seeds boast 31 grams of protein as well as a healthy dose of magnesium.

5. Moringa: This superfood ingredient might just knock matcha off its high horse in 2018. Moringa is power-packed with vitamin C, amino acids and more. And sourced from India, Pakistan and Nepal, this ingredient is as exotic as it is down right healthy. Your smoothies will thank you.

Photo: Organic Daily Post

What do you think about these superfoods? Let us know in the comments.

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