10 Secondhand Stores In Toronto You Can Shop Online

10 Secondhand Stores In Toronto You Can Shop Online

We could all use a little bit of retail therapy right now to help pass the time and treat ourselves a little bit! There’s no better time than now to take a break from shopping big-box retailers and shop local to support the shops in your neighbourhood. You can enjoy a guilt-free shopping experience and shop sustainably while simultaneously putting a smile on a small business owner’s face, by purchasing from Toronto’s local secondhand shops online. Even though doors are currently closed for these shops, there are still some places offering e-commerce shopping options. 

If you are in the mood to shop, shop locally, sustainably, and online by checking out these 10 secondhand shops, all based in Toronto!

VSP Consignment 

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VSP is a contemporary consignment store located in the Dundas West area. The selection here is extremely well curated and there are tons of high-end options including contemporary staples, as well as sought after items you probably can’t find anywhere else! When shopping at VSP you can expect to find pieces like this Ganni blouse that is currently on sale, or this Chloé bohemian styled bag

Penny Arcade 

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Penny Arcade is a vintage boutique for both men and women and the unique thing about the store is that it has its own in-house seamstress that restores the garments to ensure you are getting great quality when you purchase from the shop. You can shop its collection online to find pieces like these Levi’s jeans

I Miss You Vintage 

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Ossington’s own I Miss You Vintage is your trendy one-stop consignment shop for all things designer and vintage. It’s here that you can score classic coveted pieces like a Birkin Bag, as well as some special rare finds including vintage runway classics! The shop is super curated, carrying only top-notch, desirable items like these beautiful Chanel leather trousers!

Chosen Vintage

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Chosen Vintage is a vintage/secondhand shop that’s known for selling gently loved and affordable clothing. This shop has wearable vintage fashion that will keep you stylish in a sustainable way. Check out this super stylish vintage blazer from the ’80s! 

Fashionably Yours

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Fashionably Yours carries all the fashion pieces you could ever want from designer brands and other respected brands we all love. The store sells for both women and men, and you can also find bags, shoes, and other accessories. Fashionably Yours has a super cool, streetwear-inspired vibe, and has a lot of unique coveted “hype” pieces, of course as well as having an assortment of classics, like the Louis Vuittion Speedy. The shop is currently having a “stay at home” sale, offering 10% off of online orders and free shipping throughout North America.

Consign Toronto

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Consign Toronto is a consignment store located on Queen West and it has tons of amazing high-end designer finds for both men and women. Some of the well-known designer brands the store carries are Chanel, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta, to name a few. You can expect to find a variety of treasures like these super cute Dior sunnies, among many others because Consign is constantly adding to its impressive inventory.

Nouveau Riche Vintage

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Nouveau Riche Vintage is a vintage shop that carries fun and unique clothing, both vintage and designer. If you love shopping for designer treasures, then check out its online store to find pieces like this chic oversized Christian Dior Royal Blue Blazer, or like this beautiful Jean Paul Gaultier Maxi Skirt.

Second Nature Boutique 

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Second Nature Boutique is a family-owned consignment boutique located here in Toronto, that offers pieces from trusted high-quality brands at a fraction of the retail cost. This shop was born under the belief that good quality clothing and accessories provides women with confidence to be their best selves. The selection at Second Nature is extensive with tons of options like this unique pink Fendi bag, or even this pretty Ted Baker dress

Haute Classics

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As implied in the name, Haute Classics is a strictly designer, online consignment boutique. The store specializes in selling authentic designer bags and accessories, but also has clothing as well. If you’re in the market to purchase a big-ticket item like this Chanel Boy Bag, Haute Classics is a great online secondhand store to check out.

Mama Loves You Vintage 

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Mama Loves You doesn’t have an e-commerce webstore, however you can shop from the shops Instagram via direct message. Mama Loves You is owned by a mother-daughter duo and it carries carefully curated vintage pieces. If you’re into authentic vintage fashion, don’t miss out on snagging something.

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