A Different Booklist is a locally owned bookstore bringing you literary gems from Canada’s cultural mosaic that's located at 779 Bathurst Street. The store offers novels from the South to the North, from Africa to the Caribbean, and Asia to South America.

The store is dedicated to curating selections of literature written by black authors.

A Different Booklist shop interior

A Different Booklist not only separates itself by the titles it offers but also by its green exterior making it stand out amongst the surrounding businesses. Walking in, you'll notice that the store has an industrial yet homey feel, with exposed pipes in the ceiling and comfortable leather couches complemented by cozy area rugs.

This book store will make you feel right at home while you immerse yourself into a good story.

conference bookstore

Former owner, Dr. Wesley Circhlow sold the business to a husband and wife duo who host many events like live book readings and conferences. This has been a key factor in the store’s success in a world where independent book stores are having a difficult time.

Also, A Different Book List has become a space for young black students to learn the difficult history of their ancestry, as well as a haven for young black authors who are just beginning their careers and want to learn more about how to get their work published.

Black history books

If you can't make it into the store, you can shop the website and discover many great titles!

The store's mission is to connect, as writing and publishing can be very lonely and scary at times. Check out A Different Book List today to see why it has become a hub for the black community to share ideas.

Location Map

A Different Booklist

779 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, Canada