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Are you makeup obsessed? Then Blur Makeup Room is the perfect place for you. 

Created by professionals, for professionals, this is the perfect place for artists to find quality-grade makeup. In the past, professional makeup was hard to come by in Toronto.

Founder Liz Yu made it her mission to saturate the market. 

After creating her own successful brand, Yaby, Yu started the store for makeup artists in Toronto. 

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She enacted the help of Vyvian To as Creative Marketing Director. To’s focus is to bridge the gap between the brands and the shoppers.

Blur Makeup Room has worked to make professional makeup accessible, and they have also created a community Among Toronto-based artists. 

Professional makeup brands such as Make Up For Ever, EVO, Celeb Luxury, and Yu’s very own brand, Yaby, can be found, as well as many others. 

Along with makeup, they also carry products for hairstyling, skincare, and tools for makeup application. They even carry products and tools for special effects makeup!

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In order to create a sense of community amongst makeup artists in Toronto, they also offer various workshops and classes to allow artists to elevate their craft. 

Artists can check out the Blur Blog, which allows them to learn more about the industry and makeup through tips and tutorials. 

Users can shop from anywhere using the online store, or they can visit in-store on The Danforth

Not a professional makeup artist? Don’t worry!

The store is open to the public, so even if you're not certified, you can still shop like the professionals.

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Blur Makeup Room

777 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada