Coal Miner's Daughter — Queen St. West

Coal Miner's Daughter — Queen St. West

Coal Miner’s Daughter is a womenswear boutique located at 744 Queen St. West in Toronto. This shop is nestled in the West Queen West neighbourhood among some of the city's trendiest retail shops, restaurants, and bars. 

In 2009, owners Janine Haller and Krysten Caddy decided to rent out a 160-square-foot space in the front room of Gallery Gabor.

With the taste of success in this small shop, by 2012 they took a leap and opened the doors to the Queen West location.

Since opening, the store has expanded and shoppers can find other locations on Dundas St. West, Roncesvalles Ave, and Queen St. East. 

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Coal Miner’s Daughter sells womenswear by many Canadian brands and Some Even local to Toronto.

These items include tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, jewelry, bags, shoes, sunglasses, and much more. 

The goal of this shop is to have at least 85% of its brands as Canadian designers.

Some Canadian brands that are sold are Valerie Dumaine, Eve Gravel, Birds of North America, Pink Martini, Melissa Nepton, and Jennifer Glasglow. 

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With that being said, the non-Canadian brands are sourced from all over the world including brands from Paris, Spain, Denmark and Australia. These brands include Des Petits Hauts, Indi & Cold, Noa Noa, and Quay. 

The clothing at this shop is made with high quality fabrics and wonderfully unique designs that flatter any woman. The style of the clothes can range from extremely girly to very sleek and minimal. 

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At Coal Miner’s Daughter, Janine and Krysten value personal style over trendy clothes any day. Visit them at one of the many locations across the city, or shop the store online.

The brand is made for you to feel confident and comfortable in anything you pick off the rack. 

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Coal Miner's Daughter — Queen St. West

744 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada